Man may regret headbutting bus

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Your hero today is the fellow on the bench just sat there watching impassively.


I think the guy on the bench was incapacitated by the other guys stupidity.


“Takes a running leap at the bus” is different from “headbutting the bus.” In fact, it’s hard to tell from the video, but it would appear that his shoulder was the primary point of contact with the bus, though his head may have made incidental contact after impact.


Florida man, this is getting ridiculous.


Not in the end, so all this “WELL, ACTUALLY” is unnecessary.

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He probably should check that he passes concussion testing protocols. He may not be able to play linebacker in the Bus League Football for a little while.

No I think he too has ridden a bus and he too understands that everyone wants to do that.

I use this terminal and security guards don’t work Saturday or else they would of told him…“bitch,you got the f#+k knocked out!!!”

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