K Cups, how are they?

Continuing the discussion from Sochi’s black-market Starbucks, courtesy of NBC:

I have come to learn that starting a new thread, like this, is is the way to avoid totally derailing a conversation, like the one on the coffee shop at the overseas location.

in my coffee snob experience, K cups are the best sort of instant coffee that is readily available. I have found that cupping (swishing a few time back and forth between cups) to aerate the coffee after adding whatever you add, really assists the flavor and texture of coffee made on those machines.

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I think they solve a lot of problems for offices and businesses that offer coffee as a perk for customers while they wait. The offices I’ve worked in that have had them were able to stock a wide variety of coffee and have it available whenever people wanted it, plus no more burned pots made who knows when sitting on the burner.

I used to bring in my own upper end K-Cups - Paul Newman makes a good K-Cup, God Rest His Soul.

But compared to actual good coffee even the good ones kind of suck. I think they have made office coffee a little better, and that’s a good thing.

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This thread isn’t what I thought it was about : (


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