Kamala Harris' border remarks get the mini-musical treatment for a much better sound

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It’s bad enough that the GOP/GQP controls their supporters with misdirection and distraction, but it’s worse that they’ve continued manipulating the MSM in the same way - even after 45 was voted out of office. It’s another case of trying to get someone in power to dance to their tune. She’s right to resist it, because the minute the administration caves, they’ll start demanding she do other things. She’s got enough on her plate without adding this bs to it.

If I were in that position, the next reporter to ask me would get the same thing back. I’d have a list of ten things they’re not reporting on, and ask when they’re going to cover them. If they push back, I’d point out that it’s not their job to direct my actions, and vice versa.


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As long as I don’t have to hear that bloviating bag of shit the tRump Co. put out daily & often, anyone, and I mean anyone in the Biden admin. can go off script, or whatever the f@ck, I just don’t care. We all have a mis-step once in awhile, we just got out’a 4 years of being lied to and bullshitted. Kamala, Ms. Vice President, grab a cocktail, tomorrow is another day Girl.

F@ck tRump!

P.S. Raise your hand if y’all are sleeping better at night with Biden/Harris running the show.




We as human beings in the 21st century need to start discerning between what folks say, and what is worth listening to. For f@ck-sake. It ain’t that hard people, really…
[present company excepted, damn’it]


i think i’d point out that very few of republicans have ever been to a gay wedding, and yet still they feel qualified to make pronouncements about that. so.


Meanwhile, for example, McConnell cancelled all Obama judgeships for 3 years, stole 2 SCOTUS seats. That should be front and center for next 30 years-- because the consequences of it certainly will be. But, to MSM, that’s old.

I think some of the MSM copycat the right-wing because it’s just easier to capitulate to their nonsense than to constantly be the voice of reason.


In Europe, if you go to the south (and west), people speak Spanish. So it’s all the same :slight_smile:

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I would question the percentage; more like 99% of the world is composed of people who have something to say, and can’t; and the other 1% have nothing to say, and just won’t STFU.

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Under close advisement, I have adjusted the math.


Now now, if it’s Sturgeon’s Law all the way down you get five nines of crap, and it’s not that bad. Some of those in there at any moment are just the sole speaker of their own language, or have errors from reading the chart of logical fallacies upside down.


I’d not heard Sturgeon’s Law before; seeing it just now, I assumed it had something to do with Scottish Independence. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thank you, I can add that to my growing list of useful and amusing Laws.

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