Kansas' trans "bathroom ban" immediately turned on cis woman and disabled son at Wichita Public Library's central branch

You “read the article carefully,” but the not the comment to which you replied, apparently.


Because their goal is to destroy the trans community. :woman_shrugging:


Because certain people cannot comprehend that being transgender is not sexual.


Abd that’s just for starters; also on the agenda for destruction is the rest of the LGBTQA+ community, Cis Women, BIPOC, disabled people…

The list never ends; eventually they will come for us all.


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That is the goddam truth. Even white, cis, het, well-off, fat men like myself will be on the list because we hold ideas like equality and liberty to apply to all. We absolutely must stand up for those in the bullseye now, because we will find ourselves there eventually. That is, if any of us need a reason beyond “because it is just the right thing to do.” Self-interest should be a hell of a motivator. Should be, although current events might suggest otherwise.


There’s a lot of people “just asking questions” in here.

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