Kanye West: does the human race want to be like ants or like crabs?


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I think some of us are crabs and some are lobsters.

‘Time is the only luxury’

Amen, brother!

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[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:53001”]This is just one of many profound observations Kanye West shared with members of the Oxford Guild Business Society on Monday.[/quote]Surely there is some manner of promotional effort that would be better served by the exorbitant amount of money spent on his speaking fee?


I just hope the human race doesn’t want to be like Kanye West.


I think the human race would prefer to be human.

I for one welcome…

I forwarded this post to my mom’s cantankerous sister and she was all like

like Decapodians, of course…

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Onion rings are vegetable donuts!


In America people really do wear $3000 shirts.

I would like to meet some of these suckers nice people, so I can introduce them to my Emperor’s New Clothes :registered: line of custom-tailored garments. Satisfaction guaranteed!


I doubt the total value of my wardrobe reaches the $3000 mark. My average shirt cost $15.


Just look at it.

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Maybe I’m reading the tone of this wrong, but what’s the issue? Are we mocking makers now? The really successful ones or just the poets?

In the crab/ant analogy (cf. Crabs in the Bucket) that’s pretty crabby. I should stop writing and get back to building like an ant.

“People ask me how my daughter is doing. She’s only doing good if your daughter’s doing good. We’re all one family.”

“Imagine a world with no war, and imagine if everyone’s main focus, more so than going out to a club, their main focus was to help someone else.”

“If you’re too busy pointing fingers at each other, rather than holding hands, you can’t get anything done.”

Never mind: clearly dude is a monster!

Kanye needs an editor, sure, but that doesn’t make anything he’s saying wrong, just unclear.


Yeah, I think you’re reading the tone wrong. Nobody’s saying he’s a monster, just that he’s insufferable and trite.

His started off his stream of “profundities” by asking for total silence because he can hear whispers, he is distracted by them, and y’all really don’t want to miss out on his best stuff.

I wonder if somebody whispered, because he basically repackaged banal cliches and passed them off as…deep?


It was an entertaining read, I’ll say that. And those bits made him sound canny, aye. He is entertainingly barmy, though.


George Bush doesn’t care about crabs?

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I think where Kanye was going with the crab thing is that as long as at least two crabs are in a bucket, you don’t have to worry about them escaping as the escaping crab will be dragged down by the others (kind of like rushing a stage at an awards show).

On the other hand, ants live an idyllic existence in an agrarian matriarchy.


… so your aunt?

No, you paid an average of $15 for your shirts - what it cost in suffering, corruption and environmental damage is probably impossible to trace in the $15 shirt bracket. What you should be asking is “Why does this shirt only cost $15?”. Not that $3000 is a resonable price to pay for a shirt but I think you’d be hardpressed to find supply chain transparency and fair wages in the sub-$100 bracket, and probably more like the above $350 bracket.