KARR says KITT is inferior


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I love that Hasslehoff’s stunt double had continuity-annihilating boots on.


What about Viper?





In the original teaser promo it was yellow. Check :23 in


Sam getting turned into the Impala tops them all:


TV Trivia: that shot was actually just recycled footage from the 1977 horror movie The Car.


IIRC KARR had a few appearances and his style was changed each time. Apparently unlike KITT he appreciated getting a new paintjob from time to time.

I also appreciate how quickly the show went with the “evil twin brother” plotline on the talking car action show.


I remember being glued to the TV every week for Knight Rider, A-Team, Airwolf, et al… Now I can’t watch a 2 minute clip without cringing at how bad they really were.


I’m sure they had at least one backup stunt car just sitting around the studio anyway.

Even Airwolf did the “evil doppelgänger” thing once.


In retrospect it’s surprising the A-Team never had to battle an evil “B-Team” who drove around in a van that had a slightly different paint job.


You mean the B-roll? :rofl:


Voiced by the greats: Peter Cullen and Paul Frees!




Now I must know; does “My Mother the Car” count as car-personification, or is it eliminated due to the Porter touring car merely being the reincarnation of his deceased mother? Also, how does “Turbo Teen” fit into all this, being a transformed teen-into-Camero-with-teen’s-personality?


Re: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - I remember being astounded as a child that it was written by the same person who came up with James Bond (Ian Fleming)


The book was much better than the movie, too. I always thought that the movie was too “cutesy” for such a serious (to my 8-year-old self) story.


Unashamed Airwolf fan when I was young, I absolutely loved it (I had helicopter wallpaper as a kid too) and that theme-tune still kicks ass, but like @MikeKStar said they are pretty near unwatchable now. I want to like them, but…


With the white and black body I think that was the earlier appearance of KARR.


Oh yeah, that theme. I think I still have that in my rotation while writing.