Katie Porter plays oversight Jeopardy with the Department of Defense

They do that just about every budget cycle since 1980. It’s the only way 528 politicians can fit enough pork into the barrel.


Garry Trudeau Had it Wrong. Uncle Duke was not Hunter Thompson. He is Paul Manafort.




And, I’ll reiterate my point above, that most people are unaware of this level of waste, so part of bringing about change is making this sort of thing more well known. We NEED to know this information if we expect to put pressure on our lawmakers to pass legislation to change things.


There is an honest-to-dog accredited university run by the DoD whose sole purpose is to prevent misspending.

Okay, but that’s far different than making it understandable to the general public, which is what she’s doing here, yeah?


Dog bless Katie Porter and other the politicians who are doing their jobs with integrity.


The military higher-ups know it doesn’t matter: it’s just a performance on both sides. The congressmen get points with their base for being ‘tough’ on military overspending, but the Pentagon knows it will still get all of its budget approved regardless, so nothing really changes.

Was the entirety of her interactions simply the CEOs in the Jeopardy parody… or could there be more that we haven’t seen yet (and not considered to be as interesting to the media as the parody)?

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Good to know you did not read my comments at all. Thanks!

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They should have at least tried to answer, and then if they get one right demand the money they won.


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