Kavanaugh's alleged victim, a California psychologist and professor, tells her story


What Kavanaugh should say:
I’d like to take a moment to address the allegations that recently came forward from Professor Christine Blasey Ford.

First and foremost I must confess that, to my great shame, Professor Ford’s claims are absolutely true. As a 17-year-old boy I committed a crime of assault that was both reprehensible and inexcusable. No apology I can make, no words I can say, could possibly take away from my reprehensible actions. This assault robbed a teenage girl of her safety and her free agency, and I now know that she feared for her very life.

I’ve spent the last 35 years trying to put this crime behind me, to write it off as a stupid, youthful mistake that does not define the kind of man I am today in either my professional or personal life. But the truth is that we are all defined by our actions, past and present. The actions of that young man are still a part of the person I have become over the last 35 years, just as the pain and terror he caused is clearly still a part of the woman Professor Ford has become. I can’t run from that. At best I can try to make amends, and in that respect I have fallen short.

I like to think that the years of secret shame I’ve felt over that incident helped push me to follow a better path, that my desire to be a better person than I was that day guided me to a career in our hallowed justice system. I see now that I this path should have begun by working to atone for my actions against Professor Ford, because there is no atonement without open and heartfelt contrition.

Belated as it may be, I offer Professor Ford my deepest and most heartfelt apology and pray that she finds some measure of solace. As a small gesture of respect for the gravity of the situation and the benefit of the nation, I am also requesting that President Trump withdraw my name from consideration for this Supreme Court seat.

Thank you.

What Kavanaugh will say (through his lawyer or representative):
Justice Kavanaugh categorically and unequivocally denies Ms. Ford’s slanderous and baseless allegations, which are part of a partisan attack campaign coordinated by Democrats bent on undermining a fair and impartial judicial process.


OH…that’s how it’s spelled. I’ve been using Offal Office since Jan 2017.


I hope Maryland looks in to all of this. Apparently there isn’t a statute of limitations for most crimes in that state.


I doubt there’s any way they could secure a criminal conviction even if it’s legal to charge an adult for crimes committed as a minor. Forcing him to confront his past actions is probably the best case scenario.


No, no, no. That’s only for when the other party is in power.


I’m sure we all know now how he would have judged the Convicted Rapist Brock Turner case.

ETA added the correct salutation per @gracchus


If recent cases are any guide this might prompt other women to come forward with their own stories about Kavanaugh in the coming days and weeks.

It’s almost never just one.


Yeah, ten minutes of terrible behavior when you’re a teenager shouldn’t define your entire life. Your race should define your entire life!


ftfy. The description is obligatory under all circumstances.



These asshats don’t care.


Bre-vanaugh is a bro-flake who promised the Donscoops stuff that we all hope that he can’t deliver.
The guy has no business even being considered.

And I hope that these allegations and perhaps others suck him through a hole in the floor from which he never returns.


Update from Politico

“lawyer close to the White House” tells Politico that there will be no withdrawing Kavanaugh’s nomination. “If anything, it’s the opposite,” he says. “If somebody can be brought down by accusations like this, then you, me, every man certainly should be worried. We can all be accused of something.”


Yeah, speaking as one of those men I’m really not worried about about being accused of raping or attempting to rape someone at any point in my life.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t make the same assumption about a lawyer who’s involved with this regime.


If you’re like me and locked out of WP articles, one can read the details here:

And I may be wrong what I said earlier. With something more than an anonymous letter and a very vague notion of what happened, this makes things more concrete and probably will kill his nomination. Or at least it has more of a shot to.

Also, I don’t know who Tom Nichols is - while I agree what someone does at 17 doesn’t define their life, maybe it should keep one from sitting on the supreme court.


Wow holy fuck does he even realize what he’s saying?



I would not go that far. We cannot be certain. He may well, in his heart of hearts, deeply regret his actions back then and recognize them as wrong.

He has just decided appearances (or less charitably, his meal ticket) are more important.


Clearly that’s an impossibly high bar for us men to clear according to this guy.


Brett Kavanaugh aka Bart O’Kavanaugh was a rich asshole high school drunk pulled straight outta a John Hughes movie. You can read all about it in his accomplice’s book: Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk.


Appearances are very important to Brett Kavanaugh.

This is just weird. Shake the guys hand, say something insincere and move the fuck on with your life. The family man he’s portrayed as would have done exactly that.

It is more evidence that Kavanaugh is an asshole at best.