Keep this Flake clip for ever. For democracy

This is a fantastic and wonderful examplar of democracy in action.

Watch the whole thing and never, ever let it go from your mind.

Always make this happen.


Hey! don’t let this drop down the rankings! This is not a bypass moment! Comment, keep it buoyant!

This is a pivotal moment for the USA. Go to disgusting shit, or change and make your democracy function.


Twitter is speculating that’s why he decided to insist on an FBI investigation.


I’m serious! I’ve never abused the wonderful bbs, but it’s not a time to be comforted any more. There is a serious, serious possibility to disrupt the awful skulldugging that’s been going on for 15 years+, and we must all pay serious and focused attention.

Yep, keep it up. This can’t just go by the bbs unnoticed!

I’m not religious, but all I can say is Goddess bless these two women.


This feels like this generation’s “at long last, have you left no sense of decency?” moment.


In won’t. I expect @frauenfelder or one of the others will blog about the protest and the decision on the main page soon.

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And to be frank, may she also bless that man. He responded. He has a conscience. This is a Senator of the USA driving for the application of the law.

To be frank, that man looks saddened and disgusted by the situation.

We need to defend and support him, and need more like him.


I’d held off on watching this because I knew it was going to be harrowing - and it was. But important. The two women’s words were powerful, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Twitter speculation about them prompting Flake’s later decision turns out to be true.


Yep - but this is boingboing, and we’ve been here for years, and it’s vital we as a community cause this thread to live long and prosper.

We’re meant to be some kind of free-thinking vanguard. This is the moment.

(PS thank you!)

I mean, I’m happy he’s had a moment of conscience. But let’s not forget, he could easily have voted no on committee and this fiasco would have died there.


And they were composed, and sensible.


I rather suspect the Machiavellian regime surrounding him is adequate to induce tremors to the strongest of Senators.

We know what’s said in public by that idiot Trump. Just imagine what is said in private.


Why should he care? He’s retiring, and he’s made no secret of the fact that he hates Trump. Yet when push comes to shove, he’s all shove.


btw anyone with female children? Frankly, if I don’t harangue on this issue and keep it burning, I’m failing my two bright young daughters. I’m allowing a future where nothing changes.

Nope. @doctorow I do believe you have a young girl too! C’mon all, comment if you have girls!

He should care because the greatest democratic effort in the entire history of this entire messed up human globe is at stake.

This isn’t hyperbole. This is the moment.

Taking down Kavanaugh is the first pebble that starts the landslide. This isn’t a hippy-dippy 70’s moment with flowers and smiles. Real democracy has met real system.

And the system is rotten, vile, revolting and sordid. The Constitution was very specifically set up to avoid this. But paper is paper, and people are people, and greedy sociopaths control the game right now.

But the opening is here - so grasp it, and drive it wider.

If you do nothing, this is not a ‘nothing will happen’ time. The infection will spread wider and faster.

Oh - and Roe vs Wade.

Four states will automatically ban abortion if that’s overturned. Are you fine with that?

This is international top o’ the news, folks!


I think you’ve misinterpreted me. My point was that Flake shouldn’t care about party recriminations or whatever schemes Trump might bumblefuckedly concoct to go after him, because he’s leaving when his term is up. So Flake coming around to doing the least amount of good possible only after being rightly berated in an elevator for 5 minutes is not my definition of someone who is worthy of praise. He loves to tweet on and on about morals over party and how important it is to have principles. And yet, at basically every opportunity, he folds and fails to back up those lofty words with action when the time comes.

I’m glad we’re getting an FBI investigation thanks to him. But if he really gave any amount of actual shit about ethics and the integrity of the Court and being on the right side of history and all the rest of the things he drones on about, he could have torpedoed this whole thing today by voting no.

True enough, but then, we may never know what his plan has been.

I think it’s more important to focus on what these two heroic women did. They may have changed the course of history.

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