Senator Jeff Flake on Kavanaugh's denial of sexual assault: "I don't know if I believed him"


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There is a special place in Hell reserved for Jeff Flake.


Yet he still voted ‘yes’ on confirming Kavanaugh, anyway; unfuck him.


Hopefully history treats him appropriately.


Being uncertain if someone is guilty of sexual assault, but having doubts is sufficient reason to vote no. We’re talking about a position that should be beyond even the appearance of impropriety.


I started to watch then then I realized I just couldn’t even.


This is a man who deserves to have the words “I don’t know” carved on his tombstone.


If he assaulted a woman when he was a young dumb drunk teen I can see how someone might forgive him that (even if I do not), but lying about it under oath is not acceptable for a man appointed for life to the highest office of law enforcement.


I hope no one hires him after his term ends. The right is pissed at you - and so is the left.

Better get a paper route Jeffy.


<wild_speculation>Perhaps he is saying this now because he is aware of some information that will be coming out?</wild_speculation>


Indeed, and I can’t even imagine why he’d even agree to go on the show. Surely he knew in advance they would ask him about it. I dunno, gee I dunno, Look at me, America, hey I’m Jeff Flake


I wonder if Flake realizes how much harm he has done this country by being so wishy-washy.

I take that back. I don’t wonder at all.


I’d love to know what is so ‘illuminating’ from that FBI investigation. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps that’s what made him vote ‘yes’.


Nominative determinism at work here.

Flake indeed.


So why in the fuck did you vote to confirm him?!?!

I get it if Flake was seeking reelection, or preserving his position in the party or some other party-politics stupidity…BUT HE HAD NOTHING TO LOSE HERE!!!



Senator Jeff Flake is a professional fence rider, his entire political career was built on never doing a fucking thing. Total POS!


“…let me get back to you after the midterms.”


I know that I didn’t believe Kavanaugh. He came off like every other bullying, self-entitled little prince I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with over the last fifty years. These guys seem convinced that if you’re not part of their incestuous little clique, you’re not completely human and don’t deserve fundamental human respect.


A coming civil suit against Kavanaugh?


why are we still giving this spineless wonder airtime?