Senator Jeff Flake on Kavanaugh's denial of sexual assault: "I don't know if I believed him"

This guys is scum. However, Kavanaugh should have been disqualified for his numerous lies to Congressional Committees before it even got to Ford’s testimony. He should have been rejected long before.




Nah. He just likes to say stuff all over the map, so that no matter what happens, he can flip through his file cards for scenario 27B-Jb4 and say “See, I told you!”

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Hey Flake… message from John Waters…



Yes, but isn’t that the definition of a flake?


He truly doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘consent’; neither ‘to advise and consent’ nor ‘consensual sexual contact’. And yet, for as much as he says he doesn’t know and isn’t sure of, he still gave Kavanaugh a pass, his vote. He needs to GTFO of politics - for good - no lobby jobs, no campaign speeches for others. “Just go sit on your hands for a while, be quiet and watch the consequences of the horrors you’ve helped create,” said in my best mom voice.


This thread doesn’t really need another voice saying that Jeff Flake is a complete and utter asshole. Nevertheless, let me just say that Jeff Flake is a complete and utter asshole.


Why would Mr. Flake have such a crisis of confidence in his in his own ability to tell truth from falsehood, especially because he is leaving the Senate?

Prediction: Because he is running for president as a Republican in 2020.

One more prediction: that there will be a book after that election, entitled “2020 Hindsight”


He is the most indecisive fellow.


Sadly, thanks to his vote, first there’s a special place in the wingnut welfare machine reserved for him. I’m thinking George Mason U. or the Heritage Foundation.

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Meh. I suspect that a lot of them, getting out of the game right now, are looking for safe harbor until later.


You Fuck Head - you should have voted against confirmation. I hope you know what you’ve done…

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I believe he knows exactly what he’s done… and what McConnell and company had on him.


I can’t believe I had to get this deep into the thread for this!

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Per Dante, 8th Circle of Hell (Fraud), 5th Bolgia (corrupt politicians). He makes Ryan almost look like a vertebrate.


What he’s really saying is that he knows Special K was feeding the panel a load of horseshit, but he’s not allowed to vote no on the opportunity to swing the Supreme Court to the right. Any Republican who voted no on this would be primaried ASAP with some ideologue that knows how to toe the line.

Gee, Jeff, don’t go out on a limb and take a stand or anything. It’s not like anyone gives a shit what you think, you cowardly bastard.


Spineless flip-flopping mealy-mouthed mutherfucker demanded a sham investigation so the GOP could save some face with gullible morons and then still voted for Kavanaugh. And I don’t even think he did it on purpose. Machiavellian scheming would almost be less worse. But he’s just a useful idiot everyone despises.


Except that he’s out in January, so that shouldn’t be a string on him. Obviously he has some other bridges that he doesn’t want to burn: big money lobbyist, or further political aspirations.

If it’s aspirations (2020 or 2024), then the whole pantomime show of concern will be useful if there’s a shitstorm that he has to distance himself from. “I knew that something wasn’t quite right and said so. If only the Democrats had raised those issues sooner in the process…” And if there isn’t, then he performed responsible due diligence and voted according to the core Republican values…


He’s no chance in hell.
Someone he knows must know that.

Maybe they just giggle when they see him.