Kelly Osbourne visits the Shiteau Marmont

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Everyone else is awful. Look how cool and amazing I am though!


I don’t know why it took me until after i finished reading the essay to figure out it was Kelly Osbourne’s writing… despite the title here. I’m having a slow morning.

It does read as a pretentious piece… “i’m too cool and self-aware for this shit but i’m still going to participate because reasons”. However, i think the context of the publication is important. I’m not the demographic, though i could relate to the gist of the story and i don’t really hate it. There’s good intention buried under the all the irony.


Same here, I somehow thought Kelly Osbourne going there was illustrative of the kind of people that go there, I guess I wasn’t totally wrong.


LA is a weird place, man. The difference between it and the other large, “coastal” metro areas here in CA is pretty startling.


Got a couple of paragraphs into the hipper-than-thou griping and tired stereotypes before I gave up. The name calling in the title should have tipped me off that this was not going to be a well thought out piece.

Third, and finally, the Chateau Marmont is where douchebags go when they need to fill their social inadequacies.

As I write this I am actually at the Chateau wondering, “Am I an L.A. douchebag?”

What a useful line of inquiry.


Don’t know if you made it to the end, but maybe an editor suggested that she follow that line of inquiry a bit there:

It goes without saying that it’s a breeding ground for the insufferable, but you can always find a diamond in the rough, and I found that diamond in Sabrina. Her enthusiastic, beautiful spirit, zest for life, fearlessness and willpower to let nothing stop her from achieving goals not only reminded me that, although they are few and far between, there are good people in this world and I should stop being such a judgmental cunt and just order the fucking Bolognese.

That said, the whole thing reads to me like a self-justifying display of teenaged 'tude. As if having a totes rebellious attitude, and reaching once in awhile out of the privilege bubble toward a “real” person, are enough to distinguish oneself from the other douchebags in the bubble.


Brian who runs Giorgio’s at The Standard

It’s Sandro about Bienalle. Di me lo, Sandro.

Same here. I’m still not sure she wrote it!

Kind of reminds me of SLC punk. But in LA

Try the Bolognese.


i enjoyed the article but if it makes you feel hip and young to pretentiously dis it go right don’t let me stop you


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How was the bolognese, though?


Just a few years ago Kelly was using mom and dad money to launch a short-lived and uninspired musical career, and at around the same time both her and her brother were hanging out at places like the Chateau saying idiotic things and trying to look and sound important. I remember, and there’s video.

Now she’s just a little older and much more self-possessed but with a complete lack of a complementary self-awareness.


I thought the article was fine. Not the best but i did like it, and had i not known it was Kelly Osbourne my opinion would not change. I initially didn’t think she was the one writing the piece.

I think Kelly has a good story and point of view to tell. There is some incidental pretentiousness and/or irony, but i’m ok with it.


I find Sharon Osbourne a really compelling person. She’s very sweet and personable, i’d be more interested in reading stuff from her than Kelly. Though i don’t find Kelly’s piece to be all that terrible, its fairly inoffensive.

I don’t think you read the same article that I did, in the same way that I did.

Kelly Osbourne: I judged these people pretty hard, but then I realized I wasn’t perfect myself so I’m going to try to stop doing that.