Kentucky reports highest coronavirus infection increase after a week of protests


Ya… maybe protesting measures meant to protect you isn’t a good idea because this virus doesn’t seem to care.


Get back to work, peasants! You have to get sick and die to own the #libturds !


Have you considered that, actually, I don’t want to be safe? You think you are protecting me, but whom are you really protecting? Others? If I am willing to take this risk for myself (my top favorite person!), why do you think I would not be willing to take it for “others,” many of whom I don’t even know personally and some of whom are the very people who once asked me to escort myself out of a Red Lobster because I was making a scene?


I wish we could find a place for folks who think like this. They want the freedom to take down others with them, and heaven forbid their movement should be restricted in any way. They want to infringe on other people’s right to be safe.

Part of me wishes for a government program that tells them they’ve won a trip to Hawaii, gets them to sign a medical treatment waiver, and drops them off at Kalaupapa:

OTOH, I wouldn’t inflict them on an existing population, no matter how small. Too bad they probably wouldn’t read an opinion piece, especially from that paper.

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England said that same thing literally 400 years ago.

And here we are today.

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We don’t want them in Hawaii. We do have a few locally, but we generally manage to keep them confined to the online comments section of the Honolulu newspapers.

(BTW, I hope everyone seeing my WaPo link understands that it is satire. There have been misunderstandings about Alexandra Petri links in other threads. I should probably add disclaimers when I post them, or maybe we need a separate “Coronavirus Humor” thread so that people know it is safe to click links there.)


Let’s learn from the lessons of history. I’m sure we could find an uninhabited place, right?

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Venus is free. So is the Sun.


Yeah, it’s just too bad the intended targets would probably miss it. Could we crowdfund an actor to rally the people and lead them to a deserted spot that I mentally named IDGAF-istan? I’ve probably got some spare change in the sofa cushions to contribute toward that goal. We just need a charismatic Pied Piper type who isn’t likely to turn into a Lonesome Rhodes character.

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Mumble mumble Golgafrinchans mumble mumble.


I think we need our telephones to be clean, given the current situation.


Well fuck, rarely have I less wanted to be wrong:

At least they’re being low-key about it.


The spread of COVID-19 is based on two things:

  1. How dense the population is, and
  2. How dense the population is.

It’s all Rand Paul’s fault!


Organizing on Island TimeTM doesn’t lend itself to forceful political movements or really getting things done.

When I was working helldesk, it was always interesting dispatching technicians to the stores in hawaii. Everyone was super chill, but the maintenance windows were generally about 3 weeks long, while in any continental state it was more like a 3 hour window.

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