Kentucky school shooting

Holy god. I just found out that my friend’s cousin and his girlfriend were two of the shooting victims in Kentucky. And that she died at the scene. He was shot in the head, but they’re evaluating and think it followed his cheekbone, exiting his ear. He may lose that hearing, but avoided brain damage. And she died there. Holy. I don’t even know what to think.

These things are bloody horrific already; finding out your friend’s loved ones were there and profoundly, directly affected… how could such a thing be even WORSE?!


I’m so sorry to hear that you knew some of the victims; this is terrible, and it keeps happening.


I know. It’s really ghastly.


The republicans are going to tell you the girlfriend’s death is her own fault for not carrying a gun around all the time.

It gets worse because it’s going to be politicized, the same argument is going to happen, nothing will change, this trauma will be forgotten in a week, and another school shooting will happen, statistically in another few months.

It’s just rotten. To the core. The political maneuvering that comes out every time is a festering wound on America’s psyche.

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