Keurig and The Rolling Stones have a new coffee collaboration

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Okay, coffee is a drug, sort of, so this is maybe slightly less awkward than the VW Golf Rolling Stones special editions from the 1990ies…

I kind of feel the Stones are a better match for Sanka than Keurig at this stage of their lives.


I see their coffee and I want to drink it black


:notes: "I can’t get no satisfaction… " :notes:




:notes: "Brown sugar-free substitute
how come you taste so good?" :notes:

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:notes: I can’t get no,
Caffeine action. :notes:

They must have really drained their retirement accounts to resort to this.

No creamer anymore, I want it to be black

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He had such a promising future at the bank and threw it all away. Why, he could have been VP of Pantomime Horses by now!

If I’m elected president I will sign an executive order that once a song is used in an ad campaign it may no longer be used for another product. Right after I sign an order that tv channels can not conspire to run ad breaks all at the same time. Once that’s done I’ll step down.

I thought maybe they sold the rights years ago like every other group. Nope.

The Rolling Stones have one of the most prestigious catalogs in music history, and if it were sold, it could net a ridiculous sum of money. However, Keith Richards said in a recent interview that selling the catalog isn’t in the plans anytime soon.

Speaking to Anthony Mason on CBS Sunday Morning, Richards said, “Mick and I have not spoken about it on a serious level. I don’t know if we’re ready to sell our catalog. We might drag it out a bit – put some more stuff in it!”

He then bluntly added, “You only think about selling your catalog when … it’s a sign of getting old!”

Who wants to break the news to Keith?

I take it that the Rolling Stones have finally reached the age where they can match Keurig’s “dehydrated and imperfectly reconstituted” aesthetic?


You can’t always get what you want.


Great…now you have me wondering how much of Keith Richards’ father’s ashes are in each pod. I know it’s a non-zero amount…

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