Key figures in CIA-crack cocaine scandal begin to come forward






In related news, I saw a blurb recently that they were finally normalizing the laws for crack and powder cocaine so that crack no longer has a disproportionately large sentence.


Crack still earns suspects a disproportionately large sentence, but not as large as it used to be.


Ah, the recent story that I saw appears to be California only:
Calif.'s Fair Sentencing Act Treats Crack Like Cocaine - FindLaw Blotter

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California Fair Sentencing Act on Sunday
(Sunday = 28 Sep 14)



That’s good news, though! (baby steps and all that) I’m happy to hear it. Thanks!


Gary Webb did not commit suicide


Well, over the last year or so, I’ve heard lots of references to Orwell and 1984. However, I think John Brunner nailed it with The Shockwave Rider: modern government is organised crime.

Do you want to reference _The Shockwave Rider_?

Care to elaborate?


Yup. I have to say I’m pretty suspicious whenever somebody on the wrong side of an intelligence agency gets suicided.


Isn’t that the guy who shot himself in the head… twice?


Are you thinking of Vince Foster? Shot himself in the head with two different guns, but only had one on him. Or is this just a standard way that troublesome people commit suicide?


The Wiki on Gary Webb, FWIW, says “two gunshot wounds to the head”

So Vince Foster went out the same way? That’s pretty brazen.

Also, I seem to recall that, one of these guys after being shot… well… their remains got out of their car, walked across the street and hid in a bush.


Not just a security risk, but a zombie security risk. Gotta double-tap in case it’s a zombie, see?


You don’t know! It could happen!


The NYT and WaPo should be summarily ignored. If you need proof of why: read Greenwald’s No Place to Hide in which he perfectly illustrates that NYT and WaPo “journos” are pathetic lickspittles to political power who would throw true investigative journalists to the lions if they dare publish anything that sullies the supposed supposed clean hands of those with political power.


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