Krs-One was a Teenage Drug Courier pt. 2


Tales of Kris Parker and his Kirby Nose

Were drug laws that much less strict back then that three trash bags full of weed got a total of 60 days in the poke?

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Yes. I think very deeply.


These days, since the most recent zero tolerance+forfeiture+mandatory sentencing mindset established itself in the 80’s, 90’s to present, a simple driver or courier can be sentenced like a kingpin. Hasn’t always been the case, excepting when it was. 50’s to late 60’s cannabis had harsh mandatory minimums but pleas could occur. 70’s to mid 80’s were saner in many places but not everywhere.

Even with the apparent insanity today pleas are really commonplace. Prosecutors even admit they use the harsh sentencing guidelines in this manner, to coerce. Too much trouble to just recognize the offences & offenders for what they are & act accordingly. Gotta employ the shock n awe.

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