KFC's idea of honey is this bag of glop


Glop sauce to top off your glop food. Honestly seems fitting.


Okay, good. I was afraid that my memories of the square pizzas was going to be tainted by the knowledge that MSG was involved.



I’m going to vote for “I can’t believe it’s not Honey!”


TBH, if they had called it Space Honey I’d be all over it.


Msg ain’t so bad. It’s as common as salt in some foods completely naturally.

The main flavor component of vegemite is naturally occurring MSG.

It’s when you replace all your quality ingredients with lowgrade waste ingredients then pump them up to palatability.


So, KFC = Korn Fructose Cyrup?


They way he’s sitting, the ladies are gonna reach in for a greasy fried chicken surprise !

What an odd pairing. Tho do enjoy the genre.


I mean, would we reasonably expect vegans to have any more knowledge of it than the rest of the general populace?


Wait, wait… the what?


Well, inasmuch as being a vegan kinda requires you to know more about what goes into the stuff you eat, it would be nice if they did. But instead, we get people decrying bee slavery.


Good point. However I was hoping my love for the old square pizzas was more about the actual pizza and its artery clogging deliciousness than some chemical trickery.


ugh, terrible. i only want pure, natural bee semen on my biscuits.




While this is true, if you live in Utah, that won’t be the case. If it’s labeled %100 pure honey, that’s what it is. I guess you would have to live in Utah to know you are buying %100 pure honey. However, if that is the ONLY reason a person is considering moving here, you may want to reconsider.


So presumably Utah tests every single batch of honey that hits the market there. Regionally produced and distributed or imported across state or national lines for chemical composition? And tests the pollen suspended in it to make sure its labeled appropriately? And bans any filtered honey that can’t be tested for origin from the market?

Because thats pretty much the only way that could be the case.

Like I said this is not an issue of honey based products or honey substitutes that would like to be confused for honey being on the shelves near honey. Like how Just vegan Mayo would like you to assume its real mayo, with an egg on the label and everything. Or like pancake syrup which thrives on people not knowing the difference between maple flavored corn syrup and real maple syrup.

Its one of adulteration and deliberate mislabeling. Its a problem on the global market. All countries see adulterated honey or mislabled honey. Including strictly regulated ones like those in the EU. And all US states do.

From what I understand honey with an origin label is less likely to be adulterated than honey without. And Utah labeled honey is less likely to be mislabeled or adulterated in Utah. Just like NY honey is less likely to be adulterated or mislabeled in NY.

NY (my state) has a pretty intense system of protected appelations, promotional and protective labeling. Including for honey (which we seem to produce a lot of these days). But that didn’t stop a bunch of labeled as product of NY honey that turned out to be highly filtered honey of indeterminate but definitely not from NY origin from cropping up a couple years back. Including at farm stands, farmers markets and State run “Taste of NY” gift shops.

Labels like pure honey and 100% honey are dictated by the USDA at the federal level. If the federal government’s rules on what gets to be called honey aren’t being followed by producers in far away countries why would Utah’s?

Has Utah magicked away the same mislabeling and adulteration issues with Olive Oil? What about mislabeled seafood?


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