KFC's new meal box with a built-in battery to charge mobile devices

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How do you recharge it?

Can it be recharged, or is it just more landfill fodder?

ETA: Never mind, I see that they recharged the power bank, but I still think this will end up as more landfill fodder.


The KFC-Taco Bell near me has outlets.

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Dear Fast Food Emporia,

Just give them a few wall outlets.

Thank you.

— The Environment


adding more landfill - enviro-nightmare.


Thank goodness for this since I don’t have any way to charge my mobile devices in my car, just this useless hole where the cigarette lighter used to be.


This seems like one of those situations where integration possesses a sharply negative value.

It would appear that no space savings were made by integrating the packaging of the food box and the battery(which is probably for the best, since you don’t really want nothing but cardboard between your food and some pacific rim low-bidder’s interpretation of a battery pack); so all you have is an object that can either be an expensive cardboard box or a gigantic and underpowered battery pack connected to some greasy cardboard. Pretty compelling, no?

Battery packs in general have a niche, both for off-grid situations and because most devices charge relatively slowly; by why would you do this sort of integration?

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Y’all laugh, but just wait until Taco Bell comes out with their methane powered fuel cell charger – infinite power for repeat customers.


That’s the second goddam dumbest thing I’ve seen today.

2nd dumbest by rank, not number two in a line of more dumb things I will see today.


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I spent a while trying to think if I’d seen anything dumb at all between first checking my phone and seeing this food container that has electric and acid in it. I may have but if it wasn’t noteworthy I would have auto discarded the info.

I couldn’t even find a good “why not zoidberg?” gif so have gunslingin’ zoidberg.


One good clip deserves another.

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