Kickboxer/etiquette teacher fights off ninja on Manhattan street

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Awesome, good for her. And a good example for her daughter, too.


These came to mind, because who robs somebody dressed as a ninja ‽

Ti Kwan Leep

Source: Youtube clip ofTi Kwan Leep by The Frantics, It has not aged well, but still came to mind.

Boot to the head

Source: Boot To The Head written and performed by The Frantics 1986, posted on YouTube by Jay Ess on 2010 06 29

See also: Know Your Meme, Boot to the head
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I am sad there is no video available.


New Jersey ninjas are the worst.


Hackensack; you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Hadn’t thought of the Frantics.

My mind immediately went here:

Most people outside of the Pacific North West seem to only remember Almost Live! as the show that Bill Nye came out of if they know anything about it at all. Their content did get aggregrated to other places though so who knows?

I’m also 98% sure this is the old Archie McPhee’s store they are fighting in.

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So, a ninja and a kickboxer walk into a bar…


Just like I tell the teenage trick-or-treaters when they come to my door. A black hoodie is not a ninja costume.

Frantics FTW!


News flash: wearing a ninja costume does not make you a ninja. Being a ninja makes you a ninja.

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Not to be all “No True Ninja” or anything, but if she could provide a description, then…

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Is that Sho Kosugi in the gif?

yeah. what’s the etiquette there? are they allowed to sit at the same table? who gets to sit closest to the door? and does the kickboxer automatically get all the leg room?



No one can tell where the ninja sits.
I guess the ninja sits wherever they want.
Even at the bar.

The kickboxer sits wherever they want as well.


Another 70’s child growing up in the 80’s? Def Kosugi. The eyebrows…

Also, for the “violence is never the answer” crowd: Nice in theory, but it’s also nice to see a female etiquette teacher kick the ass of an assailant/robber. Similarly, when idiot robbers try to victimize female MMA fighters and have to be saved by the police.

(This has a horrible intro, but has been given the very amusing Taiwanese news animated reconstruction treatment that’s worth watching)

(Man, she’s even wearing a UFC shirt in the on scene pic, and she’s the one with guns…)

“Violence is never the answer” is what people who have other people to handle their violence for them want you to think…

(A friend of mine was attacked a couple of days ago by some jerk wad with a golf club. She is in the hospital, he is in jail. Not too big on people right now. Don’t start none, won’t be none.)


Or people who have been fortunate and sheltered enough to have never had to face violence.

and possibly (but these are the very rare humans): People who have faced significant violence, but still would prefer to potentially face their own destruction than compromise their ethics. I for one am not that strong/noble.

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I just wish she hadn’t used “ladylike” and equated it with “dresses and heels”, then drew a false dichotomy with that and being able to take care of yourself.

Stupid oppressive gender roles are still stupid oppressive gender roles even if you try to lean into them as a shallow attempt at subversiveness.