Kickstarting a doc about making a living in the arts


This documentary sounds really fun and filled with artists I love.

The idea made me also wish for a similar project about artists who also make a living making art but who aren’t superstars. That kind of artist faces specific-and interesting- challenges, from having to maintain their level of output and inspiration consistently (lest they don’t pay the next week’s bills) while managing their own business and brand and having to perpetually find new ways to reach a viable market or meeting clients’ expectations. It would be interesting to hear how their passion and inspiration can keep soaring even in the absence of widespread recognition and while coping with mundane day-to-day stresses.

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It appears that that the one non-white female has been pushed to the bottom. Considering the topic is how to survive as an artist this seems rather apropos.

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A kaleidoscopy of grim faces. Wait, what’s that guy at the bottom doing, smiling? Doesn’t he know arts is srs manlyman bzns?

MenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMen LADIEEE! MenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMenMen


Don’t you think the lack of a dour expression on Ms. Kozy and Ms. Mizuno sets the ladies apart from this field even more than their gender does? Hiding her visage, even partially, makes Ms. Mizuno far more intriguing than the cookie-cutter tough guys around her. Also note Dan is smiling… these three are the only ones that draw the eye, they become the focus of the image and the rest of the men end up being just repetitive background.

Or maybe it’s just me. I dunno!

OK. I was shocked by the male dominated picture on the OP so I went to the Kickstarter to see if there were more women. I counted 30(?) men out of 52 artists so although it’s skewed its not as bad as that picture implies. I think putting all those guys with their macho expressions at the top of the picture is total BS but then I’m more disappointed that a self-proclaimed feminist like Cory chose that picture to accompany the post.

When I was at art school I’m sure the overall spilt was about 50/50 but in my class of 8 painters I was the only male.

This is predominantly white men.


The world does not look like this anymore. The sausage factory is getting old.

Come on Boingo Boing! At least call this stuff out when you see it.

These hackneyed photos of old white guys looking serious is not doing this project any favours. Sorry to be negative.

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