Kickstarting beltbuckle multitools


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Somehow I don’t want my pants falling off when I need a quick repair or tune up.


Fuck your pants. You’ve got flat tire! Do you want to get home or what?

Although, I can’t think of a manga mass-transit suite of tools that doesn’t include an extradimensional katana. Your ideas?


I don’t see a patch kit and pump in this proposal.

Plus I can walk and push a bike if I have a flat. Better than losing my dignity.


But, show a little skin and you might just get a ride home!


Then you are the perfect backer for my multitool braces Kickstarter!


Needs more ‘grappling hook.’


Or get arrested


Still gets you a warm bed for the night! #lookonthebrightside!


Basically done with KickStarter since I’ve been waiting on things for literally years now. I’ll pay attention to them again when I get my Coolest Cooler and my Rewards for funding Bee and Puppycat.




I’ve found that my Kickstarteryness depends greatly on how well they’ve figured out the production side before they’ve done anything. If they have a VP in charge of production who spent three years in manufacturing I’m behind it a lot more than six people who all went to art school together.


I’ve done my ‘back the art students who then got royally screwed by overseas manufacturers when they got 100 times as many orders as they planned for and delivered years late’ penance on kickstarter once.

From now on, I’ll only fund art stuff I like and simple stuff I know can deliver. Nothing more that requires manufacturing, no more video games. I’ll wait and pay the premium once there’s a product to buy.

Still pleased I narrowly dodged the bullet on this one.


Let’s see…

Bat Artificial Inseminator. Bat Giant IUD. Batarang. Bat Flashlight. Bat…um…Fake Vampire Teeth? Bat Tranquilizer Gun. Another Bat Artificial Inseminator on the bottom.

Uh, Batman, ol’ buddy? Wh…whatcha got planned for tonight?



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