Kickstarting improvements to Maria Del Camino, a "flying" El Camino with a drilled-out portrait of Metropolis's Maria

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If you have anything left over after helping fix up this car/art, consider donating to some place like Doctors without Borders. I imagine after this Syrian gas attack they could use it.


A far better cause indeed. And isn’t BM so 1980? /s


Neato. But I ain’t paying for it. There’s something about the idea that the engine has overheated to the point of seizing three times in a single year that offends the shadetree hotrodder in me. Once, could happen to anybody. Twice, buddy, you really need to address your cooling system. Three times? You’re paying for that outta your pocket.


It takes balls to ask people to pay for repairs of your leisure vehicle in the name of art, I’ll give him that much.


Agreed. Seems people will do a Kickstarter for anything they want money for. I should do one for 1 year of living expenses, so I can do an art project to see what it’s like to not work for a year. I’ll say it’s a dry run for a universal basic income, or something.


Foo on all you haters. I’d trade my brand-new Tesla S for this beauty.

Given that this is playa art, I’d expect him to buy another tired old excavator for cheap, and transplant its running engine into Maria. That’s what I’d do.


I will say, I have seen this car and it really is a work of beauty.


That’s the first thing that jumped out at me. There’s “deferred maintenance” and then there’s just not giving a frak. Maybe put down the drill and pick up a wrench.

I strongly believe art is an essential part of life, but … priorities.


OH I do too. And if this hadn’t been juxtaposed above the Syrian attack in the feed, it might not even blipped as on issue in my mind. But as it was, it seems just incredibly poor taste and garish to ask for donations to fix up an art project for a bunch of generally well-to-do free spirits to enjoy at a week long party.

File under - first world problems?

@Donald_Petersen comment about them going about it the wrong way even if it was worth fixing just added to my… eh disgust is too strong of word, but it is the one I am using.


I know you do, i wasn’t trying to call you out. Added some space there to separate the comments.

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I have seen it at Burning Man several times, and I agree. But I don’t ask other people to fund the maintenance of my art projects.
[Disclaimer: last year, my Burning Man bike “The Loud Bike” was stolen from my house, and the fine bike community of Tucson crowdsourced $1000 to replace it. But I didn’t ask them to!]


Good thinking. I’m sure the White Helmets could use some extra love this week too.

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