Kids describe God to an illustrator


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Rather see a video of creative atheist kids describing the absence of manufactured deities to an illustrator. Just say’n




Don’t lie to children


More boobs… more…


And the next D&D pantheon was born! Seriously, put those in a monster manual and stat 'em up…


Delightful. The gods we need.


I believe in Hexagon Christ, Frog Aslan’s only Mommy, our Lord…


Some of those remind me of the version of God depicted in South Park.
(Below: the Holy Father pictured with Jesus.)


I am OK with people subscribing to the concept of a god, but I think it’s taking the piss to simply call it “God” as a proper name, rather than actually name them. Whenever people talk to me about God, if I can be bothered to respond, I ask them “Which god? What is your god’s name?” This usually results in some vague confusion/offense, as if they assume I must be making fun of them somehow. But that’s my minimum standard for talking about a deity, we need to be able to specify or tell them apart for meaningful conversation.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go to The Room of The Building where I will drink The Beverage.


I don’t disagree with you. The word God can mean so many different things, from concepts to named deities.

But I think using the general term here is what made the drawings so much fun. Narrowing the definition to one god would probably have resulted in a recreation of the existing images that are already attatched to that specific god. I especially liked the older boy who said something like “I was trying to represent them all”, when the drawing was finished.


I’ve always had that issue too; it’s so weird to me that atheists will say “I don’t believe in God”. There’s an implied concession in that statement that “God” exists and the speaker is just being contrary.

So many theists are threatened by the concept of atheism and I can’t help but wonder if this kind of common phraseology subtly contributes to that fear. I suspect that in their mind, referring to “God” with a capital G seems like we are saying “here is this thing that I acknowledge exists, but I reject it”. Many theists (particularly of the fundamentalist bent) will then interprete that as deliberately turning toward evil, and that is deeply disturbing to them.

I’m always careful to say something like “I don’t belive that there are any gods” or “there are no supernatural dieties; men create gods”. It may be splitting hairs, but it’s an important philosophical detail to me.


Sadly, paranoia seems to be a big part of modern Christianity. The list of people out to get them/us is long:
Secular universities

It’s so easy to add one more: atheists.


“… and make peace with your God, whatever you conceive him to be; Hairy Thunderer or Cosmic Muffin…”

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ITT: Kids fuck with an illustrator and make him draw whatever they want.

If it were me? “God has a huge dick… it’s on his forehead”


Yeah, Ernie is definitely receiving non-terrestrial signals. Sign me up!


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