Kim Jong-Un "climbs" Mt Paektu


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He leads a nation-state thanks to his papa, but without that he is … The Least Interesting Man in the World.


He looks happy. I wonder who he’s just pushed over the edge through that broken fence?


Dictator Helicopter Climbing? Yes, it’s a thing…


Sorry for Inconvience

"Mt Paektu, which straddles the borders of North Korea and China, is responsible for one of the most catastrophic eruptions in human history, and scientists fear it could blow again.

Officials in China have closed a national park near to the volcano to prevent the public approaching Mt Paektu due to fears it could erupt at any moment.

Nuclear tests from the rogue nation of North Korea have triggered small tremors in the 70-square-mile Changbaishan National Nature Reserve – next to the volcano – prompting fears it could blow which led officials to close the park.

Chinese authorities said: “For the safety and convenience of travellers, we have temporarily closed the southern tourist zone of Changbai Mountain."

Serious mad villain drama: Nuke explosions, collapsing mountains, man made earthquakes causing volcanoes to erupt. A Bond movie in the making.


Yes, “climbs” is not accurate, he levitated to the peak-- if you accept that he has magical super-powers then it’s perfectly normal to be wearing dress shoes and a long overcoat on top of a snowy mountain.


Well duh, he changed shoes for the photo-op. You dotards.

(Here’s the before picture.)


Well, we are talking about a country who had interactions with totally real and legit unicorns


So much more believable now.


Praise to our Supreme Leader! Even shoes, ice, and show pull together to help our cause! Let’s all be more like Kim Jong Un shoes!


Bespoke dress hiking shoes - his suit is lined with down & goretex.


Mount Pikachu?


Climb? Dear leader does not climb. He floats effortlessly to the top on the wings of the people’s adulation.


Kim Jong-Unbelievable.


Kim Jong-Unicorn?


The shoes… the shoes, the first thing my eyes were drawn toward. Obviously post climb. I am sure Arduenn’s picture was the true photo.


That would suggest one of his forefathers mated with an animal. A suggestion i’m totally ok with.


Apparently North Korea news is reporting that while the weather was horrible on their climb, when Kim ascended its peak, the storm magically cleared due to his power over the weather.


So he’s a wizard…? What level do you have to be and what spell do you use to dispel a storm? Did he roll a natural 20?