King Arthur's grave was a hoax invented by cash-strapped 12th C monks

Wait. You’re trying to tell me that a group of religious people lied about something in order to further their own ends? Ridiculous, I say!.



Harrumph! Harrumph! These are men of the cloth!

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Given what the main agricultural product was in Somerset at the time, their ideas of true and false could well have been a bit…woolly.

And if the Abbot had been caught out in his deception, he would have looked a bit sheepish.


everybody knows that King Arthur is resting with his knights in Merlin’s cave.


Yes, these are deeply pious, righteous men, who just happen to be members of a blood-drinking, flesh-eating cult that follows one of the walking dead, and who wear miniature torture devices around their necks.


They had a term for this in the Middle Ages that I can’t quite remember, something like “miraculous multiplication”. It was held up as evidence for, not against, the relics’ authenticity and holiness.


Forgot to mention, though, that there are some “official pilgrimage sites” that are likely to be the real place. Jacob’s Well at Sychar (in Nablus in the West Bank), where the story of Jesus and the woman at the well took place, is definitely the same well that was there when Jesus was, because that’s not the kind of thing that moves. (Whether it’s the same town that Jacob dug a well in isn’t as certain, but if it’s the right town, it’s the right well.) The church around it has been rebuilt a number of times over the centuries, and the well’s been repaired, but it’s nothing magic anyway, just a well that folks got water from.

Relics are great, cause anybodies toe/finger/skull/whatever will do in a pinch.

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