Stonehenge may be a "used monument" originally erected in Wales


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Incorrect headline. Not “Stonehenge,” just the bluestones that were used to build the inner horseshoe at Stonehenge. And we have no idea whatsoever what form of structure the bluestones were used to build before being recycled to build part of Stonehenge.

Getting megaliths out of the ground is a lot of work, so it makes sense that the Stonehenge builders looked far and wide to find some pre-owned megaliths that they could repurpose. And of course, you get a boost to the sanctity of your new temple if you use already sanctified building materials from an old temple.


“Maybe the manufacturer had some kind of showroom outside the quarry?”

Ikea is everywhere…


Coming over here, taking our dolmen…


They started with woodhenge, but it fell apart after a few decades so they had to upgrade to the stone version instead of the cheap wood fiber product. Plus, meatballs.



IANAS, but it sure sounds like they’re extrapolating way past the data. They found nut shells at the quarry that carbon-date 500 years before Stonehenge. And they didn’t consider:

  • The quarry might have been used for other purposes
  • Carbon dating is sometimes inaccurate
  • I dunno, maybe sales were slow that millennium

Also, there’s no sign the Stonehenge stones were actually erected anywhere else. It’s just one possible scenario.


There was no internet or even printing of catalogs back then so of course a showroom is needed. This can be inferred from the existence of menhir deliverymen. Obelix


I’ll bet you didn’t know this, but as I’ve been to Stonehenge several times I have seen it with my own eyes. Right next to Stonehenge is…


Sheephenge. It is a henge entirely made of sheep. They are alive, and talkin’ to each other, and they do it of their own free will.

No, seriously. Sheephenge, its a thing. Really.


don’t mention the stone bubble of 3200 BC, the horror! it took me 4800 years to recover!


Dolmen…that would be a good name for a rock band.

Thank you. Please tip your waiter.








In all sincere honesty:

I am glad that places like Stonehenge are blocked off. They are too famous, and would be destroyed soo fast.

I am also glad there are places like maeves cairn, which is still being built :smile:

And lastly I am glad there are dolmans and neolithic monuments that take commitment and stamina to get to. Cause you don’t spoil those or fuck with them.

(Kilcoolney wasn’t that hard, but the weather was insane)

Bryn celli ddu also wasn’t hard except for the weather.

Why the hell do I always go over to the islands in like January? Oh, because I had this to my feckin’ self.

Seeing world heritage sites and Grade 1 sites literally by yourself is worth the price of admission.


It’s been a while since I’ve been to see any.

Callanish was good - you must have been there, right? It’s down the road from the Harris Tweed factory.

(not my photo)


Oh, not even close. When you have a schedule of 1 castle, 1 church, 1 neolithic/natural monument, and 1 pub per day it makes getting up that far north tough :smile:

(Yes, I have quotas)


Late February in Wales is the best: too chilly for most, so no one else is around, but the cool, misty weather is key for that maximum otherworldly castle ramparts atmosphere. Bonus points for an occassional blue-sky sunny day and daffodils just starting to bloom in protected corners.


Pics or it didn’t happen!