Rabbit hole in England leads to 700-year old Knights Templar cave


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Caerbannog jokes in 3, 2, …


I wonder if anybody’s told the witches the Templars really weren’t neopagans. They didn’t build Stonehenge either.


I thought stonehenge was built by space aliens?


You don’t want to know how the (blood) sausage is made.


Curiouser and curiouser.


Stonehenge was built by the little people :exclamation:


Don’t you have to take the red pill first?



Ah, come on, a good black pudding is great!
(A bad one, well I hope you don’t mind losing a little dignity)


Good thing they didn’t walk into it at NIGHT that would have been a HAIRy situation.
These puns are 24 KARATS!


Which is equal to one turnip in the old English system of units.


I’ve had morcilla (Spanish Blood Sausage) but I have to barbecue the fuck out of it to get it ‘right’.


Somebody drew this.


I’m skeptical. How do we know that it actually dates back 700-years, and isn’t some folly created in the 19th century?

Has Phil Harding weighed in?


Where the children dance to the pipes of Pan!

I think you’ll find nobody knows who they were. Or what they were doing.


[quote]I think you’ll find nobody knows who they were. Or what they were doing.

FOXNews will have the answer w/in weeks, just ask them !


Coming soon:


“Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!”


That passive construction there is doing so much work, I suspect it of being an illegal immigrant.