Kit converts a regular bike into a snowbike

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How else can that kid get his two dollars from Lane Myers as he skis down the K-12?


This is a former co-worker of mine (Wisconsin, so… Canada-adjacent?):


I told this story just recently on the BBS, but headed to Montreal one winter we stopped for directions, and the shopkeeper kept insisting it would be totally fine if we cut across a local farmer’s field. Turns out he hadn’t even considered the possibility we were in a car and not on snowmobiles. We all had a laugh when the misunderstanding was revealed, then stepping back outside, we looked around and realized we truly were the only ones downtown for whom this shortcut wouldn’t have worked…


kitting out the whole bike with the treads, board and battery will cost about $2,400 USD

Maybe I’ll just wait and see what they come up with on the Red Green show. Strap your bike to your ironing board and use a grappling hook to snag passing cars?


If the women don’t find you handsome…


At least the snow was soft and cold to treat his bruises.


Totally adjacent. Minnesota even more so – when I moved to the US 22 years ago, people frequently mistook my Canadian accent for that of a Minnesotan

There is a huge difference between “dontca know” and “eh.”


You’ve been pooned.


I have a distinct memory of tying a pallet to the back of a friend’s jeep, then bombing around on top of a frozen lake in the middle of the night, hanging on for dear life. At one point we crashed and my friend went headfirst into a snowbank. We paused aghast, but he popped out laughing and we resumed being stupid.

There is a reason insurance companies charge young males more. It’s because we are dumb.

There is another Canadian company that makes a vastly better electric bike/sled hybrid, but some years ago they stiffed me for thousands of dollars in unpaid work, so they will not get a link from me. Given how many people the owner of said company has screwed over in my town, I am astounded he hasn’t been run out of town on a rail.


a brief search showed that <$3000 will buy a snowmobile from the 2000s. and you don’t need to buy a frame separately and then attach the kit to it.
but vs a new snowmobile, those are all 10-20k; so, maybe?

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I had this same idea and should’ve patented it 20 years ago. I even made a scale model prototype out of a flick-trix finger bike.

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