Kitchen shears to spatchcock a chicken


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I needed kitchen shears, so I might spatchcock a chicken.

I needed a dictionary, so I might look up spatchcock. It apparently means “to prepare and roast (a fowl)”.


I’d first heard it watching the linked video. It is an easy method to get the bird to lay flat in the pan, by cutting out its backbone and breaking the breast bone.


it is a great way to prep a whole chicken when doing tandori on the bbq. flatten that bird out, coat in spices, and toss it on the grill. the flatness makes it bbq evenly.

otherwise i’ll rotisserie or roast whole birds which i tie, almost the exact opposite, I should try some pan cooking methods again, and use the Tajine more often.


Yeah, I like saying to too
"Spatchcock!” “Spatchcock!”


I have a Spanek vertical roaster I use to great effect. I do love my cast iron so much, however, and my Chicken Pan seems just made for spachcock’d bird.

Also, the spatchcock’d bird looks so good in the pan, I wanted to learn it for dinner guests. The vertical chicken looks a bit frankenstein.


Crispy skin, the ability to perfectly cook all the parts without being a task master, and 1/3 of your chicken stock bones already removed.

What’s not to love?



you can get some really good crisp in a pan. yum. i like the idea of serving it to table like that, why not? carving birds are often served to table whole.


I’ve sometimes thought about getting garden shears for deboning. But if I go down that path, my kitchen might look… Patrick Bateman-esque.


Nothing wrong with that.


I have a pair of those albeit with red handles. They started nice but now are dull and my least favorite kitchen shears.

They do not pass the cut cheese cloth test


I’ll stick with what I know. Hand me those pinking shears.


Spatchcock. Sounds like something that’s part of a sailboat. “Struther that spatchcock!”

Don’t ask me what “struther” means; just made it up.



Hey. This won’t load up for me. What a gyp!


Looks like we all lose, dunno why Hulu won’t play nice.


Thx, sir. I shall watch it.


I been gobsmacked a couple of times but I ain’t ever been spatchcocked…sounds a little kinky


Bill Murray may have done something similar in the movie Stripes.


I have a pair, and they have held up very nicely. Have you been cutting sheet metal? :smirk:
Most places, there should be a tool sharpener who can make them good as new for not a huge cost.

What I like best about them is how you can separate the blades for easy cleaning, and to fit them in the dishwasher.