Kitchen shears are often better than a knife


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They frequently go missing because my wife and kids take them to use in another room. There's not much I can do about that

The solution is to have at least 5 of them. This is typically enough to buy you a day or two before you have to roam the house locating the wandering shears

I agree that they are excellent for cutting pizza, especially when it has a thin crispy crust


This is what you need for your salads! Works great.


Love kitchen scissors for many things, but pizza is best but with a wheel or one of those long rocker blades. For lettuce, (and onions) I plan the knife cuts (orientation, sequence and angle) to give me the size I want without random chopping or cutting. My wife is more random. I don’t find the random approach to anywhere near as efficient. But then, I’m an engineer.


The product linked sucks. The blades don’t separate, making it hard to clean between them after cutting gross things like chicken. Much better are these:

Buy them instead, you should.


A pair of scissors, for every drawer in the house, is my rule…


I hate shears that come apart.


I only use the random scissor cuts in a bowl with raw clams. Safer and much cleaner even if it’s less efficient. Greens can typically be torn with much less effort and mess if that’s your goal.


The ones that come apart are much more sanitary and less prone to rust and breakage through.


Personally, I am a third generation Zwilling Küchenhilfe user. I got my own before I went off to college. Kitchen shears are serious business.


What, no link to a limited-time offer for kitchen shears on BoingBoingDeals ?

I sometimes use my shears to cut up packing tape or duct tape, but then the blades get gummed up with adhesive, and then (particularly because I lack a dishwasher) I end up ruining my sponges when I try to clean them. It is a constant struggle.


One thing I use my kitchen shears for cutting a new pack of bacon in half, it opens the package and I like cooking up half pieces of bacon rather that whole long pieces.


ewwwww, scissor gunk.


Yeah, ours come apart for cleaning. They go in the dishwasher in two pieces. I don’t see the downside, really. We keep ours in a knife block, rather than a drawer where they might accidentally come apart, I guess.

These bad-boys…


I have used a pair of dollar store fake fiskars in the kitchen for at least 20 years. Started when camping and there was a shortage of knives. Worked so well it got migrated to the home kitchen. SS blades, easy clean up, easy to sharpen and they cost $1. Might be more now, but they work just fine for all the mentioned tasks and more (I especially like them for taking apart a whole chicken). I like them better than the several other pairs of ‘kitchen’ and poultry scissors I have hanging around in the utensil drawer because they cut so much better.


That’s best acheived by not putting that lettuce in the bowl to begin with, since a ‘reasonable level’ of lettuce = 0.

It also saves on cleaning and drying yet another fiddly single-use tool whose job is generally done at least as well by a sharp knife.


Washing shears in a dishwasher? BLASPHEMY. Shears are just like any sharp object, you should NEVER wash it in a dishwasher. That is if you want them to stay sharper longer.

Also, let me also agree that shears that come apart are way better than those that don’t for cleaning reasons alone. Mark’s hatred of them is a failing of his character (and apparently he wants them to be germ factories)


Scissors good for chopping herbs too - tea cup full of herbs and lots scissoring - gives chopped herbs all in one place.

I am talking culinary herbs here.


These are good all purpose, but I’m looking for tough shears that can be used for heavy tasks like cutting up a chicken. And won’t pinch your hand in the process…


##Gentleperson Prefers Tactical Shears

The CRKT Crossover is actually pretty cool, it’s my travelling shears when I have to take my cutlery on the road. It’s pretty ok for smaller chickens, but not beastly enough to crack turkey bones.

'Round the domicile, I’ve various sets of cheapos, some come apart (for the obvious sanitation reasons mentioned), some not. When the cooking set gets grungy it gets demoted to junk-drawer duty.

Guests who use the junk-scissors on food, or the food scissors on non-food, are not invited to return.