Kitchen tongs that close with a little tab

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OXO makes great ones for non-stick pans as well.

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Most tongs have such a tab. These ones look like knock offs of the older version of the OXOs. I always the found the plastic ring pull over thin metal tab types of tongs were quite flimsy. The current OXOs use a sort of gravity switch to lock and unlock. Point up they lock, down they unlock, I kindof hate it. And always have hated that sort of lock on tongs. I tend to buy Winco tongs at the restaurant store. Thick all metal pull tab to lock and unlock. Though to be honest I like to remove any locking mechanism from my tongs. They just tend to get in the way. If I need to store in a drawer I just rubber band them shut, normally I leave them hanging off hooks mounted to my smoke hood.


If you’re a kitchen pro you know these are really called clackers.

Edit: and I don’t care what GIS says. There’s room for more than one thing to be called a clacker.

The OXO is also great, because they are the signature bulky rubber/silicone OXO style, so you can pull the tab with your teeth/push it in with your ribs rather comfortably if you need to…


See now, I was thinking about whether it was able to be used one-handed. I guess the serious kitchen folk don’t limit themselves to digit manipulation.

Please have a look at this tong from german manufacturer Rösle:ösle-25054-Barbecue-Grillzange-40-cm/dp/B003MGYMQW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1491248436&sr=8-5&keywords=rösle+küchenzange
It needs no tab to lock/unlock, its really great.

I have some of these. I destroyed the tab mechanism on purpose, cos it annoyed me by inadvertently locking when I didn’t want it to. Now they work great!

I think that makes them illegal in New York State


It certainly makes them dangerous while operating a deep fryer.


We’ve got some of these, just be aware that the rubber circle on the tab eventually wears through and rips off.

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