Kneel before Zod

Captive audiences.

Actually I thought the new Zod was much more nuanced. His actions made more sense. Seriously, why did old Zod want to rule Earth?

Well, that and these super-ultra-preachy-conservatives view many subcultures to be evil. Comics, games (especially roleplaying/trading card games), fantasy, anime; basically anything that lets the imagination run wild is wrong and evil according to them. Anything that encourages free thought or creativity is a danger to their dogma, and they try to “save” everyone from it.


Maybe a complete lack of any real threat?


Hey, trekies can pull off some pretty serious knife crime

Everyzody wants to rule the world.

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I’ve often asked myself that question. They never seem to hold up any signs that identify specific anti-christian, or even unchristian, behaviors they want stopped, and I’ve never heard one say anything specific through the bullhorn. They just keep on shouting that you have to accept Christ as your personal savior. Which I haven’t, but I’m sure a great deal of Comic-Con attendees have - as much, or surely nearly as much as have done so in the general population. I love Comic-Con, but it’s almost mainstream. I certainly don’t see it as a gathering that would attract unusual concentrations of anti-religionists.

So, I assume it’s a great photo op. There are hundreds of photographers in attendance who frequently get them in the background, and the attendees are usually too good-natured to give a shit, so they’re in no danger as they wave their placards in the shot. (As bbtimquinn also said.)

[quote=“Michael_R_Smith, post:6, topic:5165”]
Seriously, why did old Zod want to rule Earth?
[/quote]He just wanted a do-over after the whole “ruling Krypton” thing didn’t work out.


I am angry.

The world is not as I imagined it.



Thank you! I reposted your video. I hope you do not mind.

The credit should go to Shaun Micallef and the Newstopia team.

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I’m hoping someone will top that, dressed as Sean Connery from Zardoz, holding a sign that reads “The gun is good. The penis is evil.”


Isn’t that mainstream America’s motto?

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Considering he didn’t know what a lake was, who the hell knows?

I hated Man of Steel but I did think Zod was well cast. Or maybe I just spent the whole film pretending it was Nelson Van Alden.

I hope that no one dresses as Sean Connery from Zardoz, ever.

Insert picture of Borat in his swimsuit here.

Oh you and your prudish 21st-century sense of modesty.


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