Knoxblox's Re-Animated Blank Canvas


I’ve changed tactics. I’ve started a GoFundMe in efforts to find customers outside of my own circles. I want to sell my work, but donations are gratefully welcomed.

If anyone can help out by spreading the word through Facebook, Instagram, or whatever, I am in a severe time crunch and it would help immensely if I could find 5 to 10 paying customers within the next 24 hours. I don’t know if legs will be broken, but this is serious.


New supplies!

Can you believe this cost around $150?

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I sent out a couple of paintings today, completely cured and varnished. It’s nice how they turned out. After they were “fingernail test” dry, I chose to put a temporary acrylic varnish on them to protect them from any atmospheric damage, and then recently varnished over that. They turned out great, and retain even the finest little artifact (like artifact in photography) which feels good to me. I like a little texture in the image.


Often when I have a painting that is completed or near completed and I need to allow them some time to dry, I will hang them on the wall of my friend’s hair salon. She’s closed today, so I have to wait for Monday to go grab the portrait of @Kii 's girl.

Meanwhile, I picked up an older 8 X 8 that I had been working on before the pandemic, and realized it really needed some revisions. Almost done here, but has anyone ever found some old work (of any kind) you did in the past, and wonder what the hell you must have been doing? :man_shrugging:

Anyway, almost done and I’ll offer it up for sale.


Testing out my Uni Posca paint pens today…and I am ecstatic. Now I can sign my name on my artwork like a doctor instead of a four year-old. :crazy_face:


Ok, now I am happy. I just need to walk away for a bit because it’s time for the finishing touches – whiskers. I may or may not travel across the river to get a fine point brush for the whiskers today. It can wait until tomorrow if I have other errands to run.

Ope, never mind! I found an old, skinny brush here in my art junk. Whiskers painted. All done!


All done with this as well (okay, maybe just smooth out that wiggle at the edge of her lower left cheek).
I’ll give it a couple of days to dry before I oil out for the last time and check for errors, and then a temporary acrylic varnish a week or so later to protect against the elements until it can be properly varnished.


Okay folks, THIS IS IT for me. It’s down to the wire and I am in great need for some more work, or some monetary help in any fashion right now.

I managed to raise $2000 in the past ten days, had to spend around $500 of that to take care of urgent needs and art supplies. I need to gather at least another $2000 right away, because tomorrow the hammer comes down.

If anyone can make another try at boosting my signal on social media, it would be greatly appreciated. Instagram, Twitter, commissions, donations, etc., anything works.

I tried to ask for a loan from my credit union, but I got turned down for lack of credit because I don’t use credit cards or have any loans in recent history. My credit is clean, but not strong enough due to lack of use.
I cannot donate plasma because I take prednisone. I can’t find any day labor within the San Diego city limits or south of there that isn’t seriously health-threatening for someone my age. Art is my only way out.

Using the GoFundMe portal is not particularly important right now, you can use PayPal or Google Pay, too. I just really, really need the work before things get really bad tomorrow.

ETA: Just for clarification’s sake, when I pay this amount a very big financial problem will be taken care of and not come back again. After that, I’m back to owing only small stuff like rent (mine is small), internet, and cellphone on a monthly basis.

ETA: Just FYI, I think I’ll be pretty busy through Saturday, including going over into San Diego. If anyone needs to contact me, you can email me at because I will have my phone with me.


Kicked in a bit - hope that others can help out as well.


This is much appreciated.

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I have two time-sensitive pieces I am working on at the moment for November. That gives me a little wiggle room if anyone comes up with something else urgent before Christmas.

When I need to let things dry, I’m going back through paintings that need revision and/or a little repair (from the leaky roof in my old apartment) before mailing them out.

ETA: I just made some edits to my Instagram posts to include pertinent hashtags, and wow…so many likes!



Hoping things settle for you soon


Thank you!

So, we’re off to a janky start with another painting. It will get better, I promise. Blocking in is always the part I hate most, because it often doesn’t look like the finished product but still looks crappy enough for you to doubt yourself if you let it.