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I head into San Diego tomorrow for my passport appointment. I have enough for the application, photographs, money order, and public transportation. What I don’t have is enough for the Mexico visa on the return trip. The visa is normally $25, but I’ve been overcharged before.
Is there any possibility someone could float me $50 (to be sure I have enough in case of “inflation”) – whether it’s a loan or a payment?

This trip is extremely crucial to me. With my application papers, I will meet the requirement for the Mexico visa. While in San Ysidro, I can get the free Obamaphone and some groceries with my SNAP. Having a phone again will allow me to apply for Medicaid.

A payment can be made to PayPal at my email, With my phone, I can access PayPal and be able to withdraw the cash needed to pay the visa fee as I cross.

Of course, I will be out of touch until I get the phone, so if you have any questions you’ll need to PM me before 9 am Pacific Time, when I intend to leave home.

Once I have taken care of these things, I will be equipped to mail out paintings again.


Thank you to the donor who helped me out yesterday. My results…

  1. Passport application submitted and on its way to be processed. I’ll be getting the booklet and also the foot traffic passport card which will be easier to carry in a wallet so I won’t lose my booklet out of too-small pockets in my pants. :+1:

  2. Sufficient groceries for a week or thereabouts. California has been adding close to $100 extra each month for the past few months, so I keep winding up with more food credit than before. :man_shrugging:

  3. Signed up for Medi-Cal, and I should be able to be able to deal with health, dental, and vision issues soon. :+1:

  4. I have a phone! Still, it’s a company under the T-Mobile umbrella, so at the moment it’s a dud good only for emergency calls because of the outages T-Mobile is experiencing.

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Tablet camera resurrected!

I have more to show, but it will be a couple of days or so because they’re hanging in my friend’s salon for air circulation and to keep the cats off of them.


Thanks to a kind soul here, I received a small donation that was enough to buy cat food for the kittos. Litter needs to wait until I can enlist some help, because I need a few boxes. I bought everyone their own packet of wet food because they had to wait 24 hours since their last meal.


Blocking in a piece for open sale. Credit to @armozel for a photo of their beautiful Betta.

I love how the most obvious colors form a naturally occurring split-complementary on the color wheel. Blue opposite a peachy orange and a yellow-green. It will be a beautiful painting, but I am also willing to paint a larger panel if that makes a sale.


Still blocking in. I’m shifting the color of the water to a more neutral brown to more closely resemble a Betta’s natural habitat, and to keep the background from robbing any blue from the subject matter. This one has a real iridescent blue, almost electric.

ETA: I’m thinking I might make a calendar of species that are iridescent and see if there would be any interest in that. Fish, insects, birds, amphibians, you name it.


So, I’m turning 56 today.

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Happy birthday!


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I’ve tried to get as far as I could with this today, but I have to talk about my situation now before it’s too late.

I have been given my FINAL NOTICE TO VACATE my apartment if I can’t come up with the past due rent – $3000 total – half by Monday, and half again by April 1st. This is a hard number, and I can’t wiggle my way into an extension any longer (I am not protected because it’s been an “under the table” payment).

I’ve done everything I can do to ease my financial burden – I have been receiving SNAP food assistance from HHS, and I am signed up for Medi-Cal for medical issues. My case worker has indicated that it may be possible to receive financial assistance, but nothing is certain until mid-April or May.
As it stands, my monthly earnings limit is $1,473 per month as a self-employed person before SNAP benefits are reduced to 0 for the following month, but I have enough on my card to last me at least 3 months more. I will be able to eat.

What I cannot do is figure out a homing situation for my cats or a place to keep my furniture. I’ve had Ruby, Pastel, and Gremlin for years, and it would devastate me to give them up. I need help to prevent that outcome.

At this point, I am willing to accept anything I can get – but as always, I’d prefer to find commissions over donations so folks can have something of value in return. As I’ve stated before, my fee is now $650 per painting because it represents one week of minimum wage work in the zip code where I do business, San Ysidro, CA.
To overcome this financial debt, I’d only need to sell 5 PAINTINGS. However, if it would ensure that I can save myself I would be willing to offer 10 commissions at 50% off – $325 (plus $20 shipping and handling costs). So, any combination that adds up to $1,500 by Monday, and another $1,500 by April 1st is fine by me.

If folks cannot afford this, I am also very willing to take partial payments. I have one person who is sending me $50 per month for a painting, and it does help when money is tight for kitty litter and such.

If folks want to purchase, they can contact me at and use PayPal as a payment platform.
As it stands, GoFundMe is NOT AN OPTION right now. I do NOT have a cellphone plan that allows me to use two-factor authorization to be able to edit, delete, or put up a new fundraiser. If someone out there who lives in the USA wanted to put one up in my behalf, I have no objection to that. The main thing is I need to have $1,500 for Monday, or I need to demonstrate that I am moving out before the end of the month.
If anyone wants to repost this to Facebook, you have my blessing to post my artwork, too.

That’s about it, I guess. I have reached the end of my rope, and if this doesn’t pan out I’ll be on the street. Any way folks can spread the word is fine by me.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any help I can get. :heart:

P.S. If you want one of those big 2X4 panels, that is definitely an option!

P.P.S. I almost forgot – my Instagram is lazypossum1 if they want to see my other work.



Okay, I made my first requirement, and at least half the money I need is raised – minus a little to deal with kitty litter. The cats also have enough food for a while.

Still, the final part of the required money is still to be paid. I have one payment in limbo for 21 days because of international regulations regarding PayPal, but hopefully this will work itself out.
I have until the 1st to come up with the rest, so if anyone who is just coming across this can help spread the word, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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I figure I should post an update, as folks deserve it…

I am getting very near to what I need to close out this chapter and get on with life. One customer and I are having difficulty with figuring out how to pay, but if it doesn’t happen it won’t be a huge amount to overcome if I can find another customer to fill the gap.

I’m still waiting for my passport but I expect it within 30-45 days, and I think I can hold out until then on the supplies that I have. Once I get it, and my new Mexico visa, it should be much smoother sailing after that.

Since I don’t plan to cross soon, I’m playing catch-up with past work and hope to have a bunch of stuff to mail out at the beginning of May.


I’ve been kind of quiet on the art front the past few days because I’ve caught a nasty head cold. My brain’s been swimming, and now it’s become a post-nasal drip that has me coughing so much I’m losing my voice. The cats aren’t taking me seriously when I scold them because I sound like Mickey Mouse.


Really wiped out. No voice left, only a hoarse whisper. I figure a couple more days to get over this, I hope. :sneezing_face:


I really hope things work out. I truly enjoy watching your works in progress and wish that society valued the production of art as much as it does whatever the hell it is that Elon Musk does!


I’ll be better soon. What, a cold lasts 10 days max, right? :man_shrugging: