Koch brothers publish letter crowing about all the ways Trump spent the year carrying water for them


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This whole administration is a “poop-themed toy.”


I’m just amazed at how fucking blatant corruption can get away with being in the US.

I mean, it’s pretty damn blatant everywhere else, but I would’ve thought there’s a threshold where even your average apathoid can’t help but notice the kochs slapping them in the face.


People tend to run on emotions, not reason, in politics. And debate is not about examining issues logically, but rather scoring emotional points. (By emotion, I mean, for example, gun rights because freedom.)

Teaching the rules of logical argument in school would be a good start.


They might not like Trump, and think he’s a big dumb smelly cow, but as long as he delivers the milk, he’s their cow.


Reprehensible, disgusting, and perfectly legal.


Koch’s to Donnie



Today I was told that lax “family morals” leading to the acceptance of divorce left women open to sexual harassment in the workplace, to which they weren’t before.
And (but wait, there’s more), everyone had better just shut up about it because she (uh, yup) is tired of hearing about it.


Is anyone else seeing this in the middle of the article?

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To win support for the Republican tax legislation, the Koch network claims that it organized over 100 rallies in 36 states, contacted over 1.8 million activists, and knocked on over 33,000 doors. The group also spent freely on digital and television advertisements, with $1.6 million in TV spots to support the legislation in Wisconsin alone.

(In two places.)


The threshold has been moved so much that a lot of Americans watching “Trading Places” today would be rooting for these guys:

I’m only half-kidding. There are still dopes who actually buy Gordon Gekko’s speech from “Wall Street.”


The KochBros have trouble keeping the names straight on all the little tentacles.



That’s GRASSROOTS rallies according to the document.
Not to be confused with astroturf.


Here’s a contender for civilisation’s biggest problem:

It’s not in any power structure’s interests to disseminate critical thinking skills.


I thought I was immune to this shit.


Keep Robi out of this. Different strain, and actually one of the good guys - he discovered the cause of TB, he didn’t invent it.


I grew up in Tulsa with a finishing 2 years of H.S. in Dallas circa 1970. And somehow, someway, I was taught this. I am a flaming liberal not despite my education but because of it. Sure, I got John Birrched at one point or another, but I also got the education I needed to shove my fist up their ass.

Eh, my sister didn’t fair as well, but she wasn’t a geeky nerd.



Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.

Travis Bickle


I can’t get behind this. The alt-right is all over logical arguments. They’ve memorized the name of every fallacy. The world has lots of very smart people who use all of their intelligence to find great-sounding defenses for stupid positions.

What we need to teach is empathy.


At some level, you can’t argue someone out of a position they weren’t argued into. Good arguments (and the skills to evaluate them) are necessary, but yeah, definitely not sufficient.

@Kimmo To a large extent, politics is (psychologically, not ideally) a tribal conflict. When politics is war, arguments are soldiers, and pointing out where your own side’s arguments are wrong is shooting those soldiers in the back - a form of treason. Even acknowledging the possibility is suspicious.