Krs-One was a Teenage Drug Courier



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Nice cop names. RIP Nathan Wind.


Surprise twist, the cops are actually the Beastie Boys from the Sabotage video.

Kinda surprised at the censoring of the nword - but hey, it’s your comic.


When I actually get the jokes like the WOOP-WOOP here, it makes me wish for a fully annotated version someday, 'cause I’m sure there’s five more I’m missing for every one like that.


What is “WOOP WOOP” anyway? The sound of the police or something?




Part of the fun for me of this series is figuring out those jokes/references that I don’t already know.


from the headline, I was anticipating “I do it once, I do it twice, now there’s steak with the beans and rice” but boy was I wrong.


“woop-woop, dat’s da sound of da police”


ed’s comic is the hip-hop/rap incarnation of james burke’s ‘‘connections’. freakin’ awesome.


Only with the added advantage of no James Burke :wink:


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