I remember Krull in the arcades

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I kid you not, the novelization of this is in my bathroom right now. It’s by Alan Dean Foster.

It’s uh, on par with the quality of the movie. Yeah, let’s say that.


Ergo The Magnificent…the name doesn’t begin to describe his awesomeness. Even though I can only remember David Battley in one other film–Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory–I think of myself as a fan. Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision, for me he made what was an otherwise forgettable summer film memorable. Every few years I watch Krull again…and every time I’m tempted to just fast forward through all the non-Ergo parts.


Made up accents?? You mean British regional accents!


Oh man, I had such a crush on Lysette Anthony as a teen.

And the fate of the Cyclops brings a tear to my eye to this day.

Even if an entire generation’s concept of what a “glaive” should look like has been horribly skewed…


It was amazingly pulpy bad/good. I wanted a glave so badly. Incoherent in parts, it’s still a fun viewing.

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Best movie EVER about the power of arranged marriages.

Seriously, go back and watch it. Somehow, the arranged marriage of the protagonist and the girl allows them to have a super power that kills Krull at the end.

Political love conquers all.


Don’t forget the Atari 2600 game. I played the HECK out of that game- probably one of my 10 favorite games for the 2600.

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I saw Krull for the first time a few months ago, and while I wouldn’t exactly call it good I did think it was fun as hell. Plus it had Liam Neeson as one of the bandits!

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And Robbie Coltrane! He doesn’t say much but he looked like he was enjoying himself.

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To this day, whenever I play any party-based solo RPG, my party names are “Colwyn, Lyssa, Torquil, Ynyr, Ergo, Rell, The Seer and Titch”, etc etc.

Hate on it all you want, but for an 11-year old in the early 80’s without hundreds of TV channels, endless different video games or the 'net, fantasy entertainment like this was at a premium. And Krull delivered!!!

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I keep getting this confused with Kull.

I loved it because it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be – space opera or Tolkienesque fantasy. So it did both – magic and magical weapons, plus enemies from space who use laser guns.

Yeah the Krull arcade game was awesome and trippy, with those Robotron and Defender style cycling rainbow colors. I can’t even remember if I saw the movie, but man I loved this game!

And for @wishlish here’s the Atari 2600 version, didn’t even know there was one!


Okay, I squeed quietly when I read this at work.

Me and my buddy B, we watched this movie and proceeded to construct cardboard Glaives/Glaves with duct tape, man. This was serious business, man squared.

And that frickin’ Glaive flew awesomely…


To Krull!

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I always loved the fact that nobody in their right mind would ever try and use a flying blade thing like that. When the movie came out, a buddy and me made one in his shop and DAMN was it ever dangerous to the user!

Also, thanks SO much for the video clips! We used to play this game ALL the time! Both in the arcade AND on my 2600 (which sucked but hey, whatever).

Only movie I ever walked out on. Even notice that from the right angle, the bad guys heads look like Micky Mouse? Bad, bad, movie.

@xploder @codinghorror @wishlish @relaxercise
ah, but did you know there was a BOARD GAME?

I was the perfect age to have seen this in the theater, like 7 or 8. After the last BB post about Krull, I left a drunken comment about how awesome it was and then promptly watched it on Netflix for the second time ever. There’s no point in trying to reconcile the writing, but if you mentally shift gears to just take in the mis-en-scene, Krull is an absolute delight. the 80s Flash Gordon is the same way (hell, so’s the original.)


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  1. This is awesome
  2. Who in their right mind would even think making this glaive thing, much less using it, could ever result in anything but carnage for everyone involved?