Ku Klux Klan recruiting with bags of candy tossed on doorsteps


On the one hand, the KKK. On the other hand, candy. On the gripping hand, that looks like some kind of shitty peppermint hard candy and what Americans would call Smarties. I understand most people don’t like Smarties, but I do.

No, those are not smarties. These are smarties:

The parent in me is totally grossed out by this tactic. And I can’t help wondering if the machine broadcasting their nastiness on that hotline is hoovering phone numbers to sell on the darknet to phishers.


Smarties are alright. They’re not a top shelf candy, but they have reasonable flavor and that great smooth texture. Those peppermint things however are generally pretty lame. Usually have air bubbles so a big mushy crater forms in the candy the instant it goes in your mouth. Total grandma candy.


I appreciate the honesty: we’re going straight for your animal brain here,

Smarties seem like an odd choice for a Klandy.

It is a bunch of differently colored, yet equally good individual candies shoulder to shoulder with each other, occupying the same wrapper happily.

That doesn’t sound Klandy to me.

Also name Smarties, Klan dummies


That’s what the package in the top picture looks like to me. I usually see them branded as Rockets here since Smarties here are chocolate covered with a candy shell similar to M&Ms.


There is something oddly chilling about this photograph.

Part of it is the stark disconnect between human brutality and candy, but that alone isn’t enough - it’s also the sheer banality of it all, the everyday innocuousness of it, the home-printed 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, the ultra cheap plastic bagging, and the discount candies and mints that look like they were swiped from the local automotive repair shop, photographed on a backdrop of asphalt and weed choked grass in poor light with a low quality camera or film.


Even if it was good candy, would you dare to eat it, however? I sure as hell wouldn’t - I’d assume something nasty had been done to it.


Are you white? As long as there aren’t any drugs that make you racist I wouldn’t think the Klan would be out to poison potential recruits. If you are not white then yeah, throw that shit away.


Man, this is why I need to set up an outgoing VoIP and PBX at home. Telemarketers and survey call to my landline get shunted right out to that number over the outgoing-only VoIP line.

As long as they aren’t putting in any tootsie rolls or brazil nuts, if you know what I’m saying.

I wouldn’t assume my skin color would keep me from the execration of the KKK. I’m pretty sure my politics or friendships alone would be enough to earn their hatred. Not to mention that it’s such a wacky combo, I’d be wondering if it even came from the KKK proper, and not some other crazy person with unknown goals. Some other, even more unhinged racist group trying to discredit (ha) the KKK by handing out poisoned candy in their name seems all too plausible.

I might have seen the van. Does it have “FREE CANDY” written on the side in big letters?

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I’m not sure I follow the thought process behind this. “Well, they’re not racist enough to join the KKK straight away, but maybe a couple of peppermints will push 'em over the edge.”


I would’ve thought white chocolate more topical. Or these

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My mother told me never to accept candy from strangers.

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Those would be ok in their own separate, segregated bag.

Caramel Cremes, on the other hand, are an abomination.

I’m not a racist - but hey - candy!


It’s disappointing (if not surprising) that so many people use both of those flags with no apparent sense of irony.


Maybe it’s the Klan trying to show inclusiveness? We’ll take racist white men from anywhere, even if he is a Yankee.