'La Grippe' by the Squirrel Nut Zippers

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Mass psychosis was the diagnosis ?


Watch any tRump cult rally / presser, and you’ll understand.



This is the modern incarnation of SNZ, right? It’s ok, but damn was the original lineup “Hot.”


Not quite as cheerful as they were 25 years ago, are they? Can’t say as I blame them for that.

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Squirrel Nut Zippers played here in Portland a couple years ago…
When I got the tickets, I thought to myself: I haven’t heard any of their music in the last 15-20 years…
Well, that turned out to be because they hadn’t released any music in the last 15-20 years.
Good to see them still playing and releasing good music, if a bit macabre.


They released this track in 95. Also from the same time period:

The bit macabre was always there. It was one of the things I appreciated about them.


they actually do have a new album. it’s great – they are doing this really fun New Orleans/voodoo style thing now. but i’ve been singing La Grippe for weeks, haha.


Fair enough. I’d forgotten the song, and in the video, they certainly looked more like a couple years ago than they did in the 90’s.

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You know, the lyrics of that song never really made sense to me – until I saw it intercut with Murnau’s excellent Doctor Faust right now.

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I’d just Googled “Black and White Silent Film Giant Devil Plague” to find out what the film was. It certainly looks to have some phenomenal visuals. I do love some Medieval German Expressionism.

I wonder if seeing films like this put through a speed correction process would help or harm the movie; if the under-cranked jerky movement is necessary to carry the theatricality of the peice.

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I saw the movie a few years ago scored live on an organ inside a medieval church in Germany. The latter not being too exotic, since I am German. It was, however a great experience. I, too, love me some expressionist cinema. The German film industry is another one in the long long list of victims of the Nazis. Imagine what a different path movie arts would have taken if all our best directors hadn’t been forced to emigrate to Hollywood (or hadn’t been killed!) where the emphasis was emphatically less on artistic expression.


From the lyrics:

There’s an Asian influenza
Infecting us all by the scores

The things we love are problematic.

The original factory is in Cambridge MA.
Why didn’t they do a video there?

One more question. Where’d the Flapper go?

Not sure I know this one… I have 3 of their albums though and they are great, great fun.

This song I can literally play 5 times in a row and say - ONE MORE TIME!

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Andrew Bird’s violin on this (and all the other songs on Perennial Favorites) is simply jaw-dropping.

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