Lamb with an extra limb: 5-legged lamb born on farm in Wales


Typical - they buried the lede. Turns out it also had seven horns, and on its head was written the name Mystery: Babylon.

Could we breed them this way on purpose to feel less guilty about enjoying a leg of lamb once in a while without the guilt of actually killing an adorable animal?

“It’s not murder, it’s just corrective surgery! Can I help it if the byproduct is also delicious?”


or find out what caused this and replicate it on chickens.

A lot!

Just balls of dummies and wings like the Greek gods intended.

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I have an extra leg to :^)

People all over the globe are thinking, “Does this make it frighteningly weird or even more adorable?”

Men all over the globe are thinking, “Does this make it any more or less delicious?”

And farmers all over Scotland are thinking, “Does this make it more or less difficult to have sex with?”

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Lamb from Parts of North Wales are still under restrictions due to fall out from Chernobyl. I’m wondering if there is any connection.

Adopting a more humane tone… poor little guy.

Can it use the extra limb?

They’ve found the lamb nearby Scarfolk, isn’t it?

It looks almost identical to one I saw in a vet’s office about fifteen years ago, the extra leg was in the same position.

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