Lancet releases new report on the health impacts of climate change

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Remember the good old days when everyone’s worst-case scenario was an unthinkable 2 degrees rise by the end of the century and we were aiming for 1.5 degrees? Now we’re looking at a best-case scenario of between 2-3 degrees, which is being spun as “hey, it’s not as apocalyptic as 4 or 5 degrees!”.

Also, another reminder that any progress we stand of making that 2-degree mark will be drastically reversed if the GOP takes a majority both chambers next month. That means funding eliminated for Green New Deal programmes, it means new giveaways and drilling/fracking/mining rights to fossil fuel companies, and it means pressure taken off Putin’s ability to sell oil out of this big gas station. So, vote!


… wondering what The Lancet considers a “heatwave day” exactly :thinking:


From another Lancet article:

Heatwave was defined as a consecutive period of at least 3 days during which the daily maximum temperature exceeded the 92.5th percentile of the reference period (1986–2005).


It’s pretty self-explanatory. Add one for each day for each person living in an area experiences a heat wave.

A heat wave occurs when the daily maximum temperature of more than five consecutive days exceeds the average maximum temperature by 5°C (9°F), the normal period being 1961–1990.

The number 3.7 billion/year includes population growth, so it’s a poor “global warming” datum, other than to say “there’s more this year than last year”. What it really indicates is the growth of resources needed to cope with the higher temperatures, and the suffering of people without access to those resources.


… three or five days, either zero or five degrees above the reference datum, based on '61–'90 or maybe 1986 to, um,

Anyway if the average temperatures go up along with the aberrations it sounds like “heatwaves” won’t become more common—it’ll just get hotter

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