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Agile is not a methodology. It is, perhaps, a philosophy, one which favours “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” (Manifesto for Agile Software Development).

Scrum in particular may be Agile (some would argue strongly it and other process-heavy methodologies are not, but leave that for the moment), but Agile is not (just) Scrum, no matter how much some Scrum evangelists say otherwise.

And Jira is just fucking horrible.


as a teacher, we are often subjected during the opening, teacher week of the school year to “new” modes of teaching, tracking, and documenting our teaching. the “facilitators” all have a particular way of holding forth on material that is not new, but is instead approaches the whole educational world has managed to cycle back to repackaged for a, mostly, new generation of teachers while those who have been at it for 15-20 years have already seen it before during the last iteration and those who have been at it for 30-40 years are seeing it for the second and possibly third time. presumably the “facilitators” have been through a course like this.

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