Large dog surfing


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My favorite part in Point Bark was when Keanu shot his pistol in the air a bunch of times.


I wasn’t sure whether the title referred to a large dog surfing, or surfing on a large dog.

As cool as the former is, I’m still kind of disappointed that it’s not the latter.


Hanzo seems incredibly amped. I suspect doping. Haole got robbed.



I wonder if my dog would like to surf? He’s half jack russell so he could certainly learn how.


Apparently, dogs make good surf instructors, too. Here’s my son learning to surf by learning from a dog.

Fun times.

Well, the dog didn’t really teach him how to surf. She just liked to hang out on surf boards.


surfing dogs are the best! we don’t do it in australia – dogs attract sharks. plus dogs are banned from city beaches.

hanzo is over claiming his waves. all that barking and jumping around. haole just nonchalantly steps off the board and goes on his way. classy pooch.


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