This adorable dog gives pro kitesurfer Kevin Langeree a run for his money


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Needs more dog.


Honestly, does anything not need more dog?


Love the dog! But watching the part with kiteboarder scoot along the rocky shore, jumping and hovering over those jagged flesh tearing rocks, gave me a case of the heebie-jeebies. Crash against the boats - no biggie. Smack into that weird tower structure - ouch! but shake that off. Growing up along the shore, I learned a healthy respect for where ocean meets rock, some of it the hard way. I know the guy is a pro, super talented, probably researched the conditions and forecast and all that, but all it would take is a sudden change or drop in the wind at exactly the wrong moment… My inner nervous mother just takes over.

(Any guesses why I’m not an extreme athlete?)


The cat lady’s house, perhaps?


So cute!

The dog is adorable too.

That horrible music tho…mute is a good friend.


My dinner. I hear it has something to do with cultural conditioning, so YMMV.


Obviously this guy is at the top of his sport and super-talented.

Nevertheless, is he being a dick when he’s jumping over docked boats? How does he know he’s going to go 15’ above their boat and not 12’ feet, clipping/damaging the boat’s antennae/radar setup?

And if he wants to sideswipe stone obstacles, good on him. But coming so close to pedestrians and other kiters at 20mph? (Although, no one seemed to bothered by it.)

I guess the thing is: he is able to do such things. But a vast number of people who look like him and have the same equipment as him, are not:


Does he really need to be so good looking while actually engaging in extreme sportage?


Didn’t even need to watch the video, i saw the gif and got what i wanted out of it :smiley:


I suspect among the top requirements for being a “professional kite-surfer” include being disgustingly attractive.


I really hope he is up to date on his tetanus shot.


That is the perfect description :smiley:


Why did he cut the part where he pats the dog?

He did pat the dog, right?


Did he tell the puppers he/she was a good boy/girl? We need answers.


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