Larry Flynt announces $1m bounty for more Trump tapes


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I get the feeling that as this election progresses, the poor writers at The Onion are probably starting to feel a bit superfluous.


This is something Flynt does after every political sex scandal


More of a public service than the Trump Foundation has ever done


Reality has jumped the shark?


Attention Citizens! $1,000,000 Offer!


Flynt’s a true patriot.


Which is why he is so endearing as a political figure. An agent of chaos and humor when people are taking the system too seriously.


I’m just looking forward to The People Vs Larry Flynt, the Musical. Hell, I’ll write it myself if I have to.


Quote should be:

Honestly I am surprised he hasn’t put a bounty out before now. He hates Republicans.


I read a pretty good article on why Mark Burnett (producer of The Apprentice) probably won’t be releasing anything:

But even without the promise of $1m, I am a teensy bit surprised that no one has tried to break into wherever the footage is stored and start fervently rifling through it. Then again, if the footage that’s already been released hasn’t been damaging enough, what else could make a difference?


Here’s The Onion’s latest:
"Debate Organizers Set Aside First 15 Minutes For Whatever Major Trump Revelation Comes Out Between Now And Then"
One of their articles that could easily become reality.

That said, this article is absolutely brilliant:
Trump Complains Entire Personality Rigged Against Him

“Open your eyes, people! Just look at how I routinely project the fear and hatred inside of me onto others, or my total lack of impulse control, conscientiousness, and tact. My personality is doing everything—and I mean everything—to make sure I never have a chance.” Trump then reportedly vowed that no matter how many of his own character traits aligned against him, he would never let his personality stop him from becoming president, drawing raucous cheers from the crowd.


In Soho Spa Trumpia, the shark jumps you


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