Laser "distresses" a pair of jeans

Ametora discusses how Japanese manufacturers rescued and restored some of the old ringspun denim looms when American manufacturers started going out of business. It also discusses Red Wing boots specifically! It’s a good read.


I decided to buy two pair of selvedge to see if there was anything to it and because I had kickstarter mania at the time.

They are nice, but I’m a sloppy guy so it doesn’t really fit. but whatever, i only buy a pair of new jeans every 4-5 years or so.

I still couldn’t suppress making a face though after my MIL threw them in the washer.

Lol - first world problems.

They are Gustin - if anyone wants to look into some of the higher quality denim stuff without breaking the bank. Or if someone who is into denim wants to tell me why they are bad I am curious and listening.

Cool i’ll have to put that on my reading wishlist. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have not gone as far as to actually buy a pair of nice denim just yet. Still considering it but seems like the kind of purchase i’d like to make if i’m able to try them out in person, and the few brands i looked at were west coast brands. Me being in Texas limits my options a little bit, granted i’m not looking too hard at the moment.

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