Last of the Stolen Generation sisters who inspired 'Rabbit-Proof Fence' dies

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As well as Rabbit Proof Fence, watch this:

David Gulpilil is in both, playing pretty much the same character.

And while I’m here:

Stolen children isn’t just history.


Yikes, I had not seen those stats.


Well at least the world has learned from that dark period of history and we can rest assured that no modern government would ever again AW FUCK


So the story as written is all background information, but says nothing about the sister that died, including when and how, did she leave a family, did she have a legacy…?

It would be nice to know if she had a happy life, how old was she, etc.

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(photos in that one)


Jesus, reading this thread is really getting to me. I’d heard the title Rabbit Proof Fence before but had no idea what it was about. This is all pretty painful to absorb. We human beings can be such piles of shit sometimes.

Conversely, people like those sisters are amazing.


Um, sorry @AndreaJames but just for accuracy’s sake I believe the journey was undertaken by two sisters and a cousin. But yes, all three were remarkable.

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Thanks for the info! I appreciate being able to find out more about these girls.

I do believe the article should have detailed some of this information to do justice to these children and their determination.

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