Latest incarnation of boy wonder Robin officially bisexual

It’s rarely a healthy sign when a powerful man is found to have involved a series of vulnerable children in secret activities involving a hidden room in his basement.


I thought Damian Wayne was Robin now? I’m behind the times.

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Even the delightfully campy sixties show was making inchoate overtures, perhaps…


With how often DC gives up on the mess their writers are creating and has to reboot continuity, it’s impossible to keep track. I gave up on tracking it when DC gave up on Nu52, and they’ve rebooted at least one more time since that reboot of the rebooted reboot.



Because Arthur is the best.


But, deliciously, the news is enraging exactly the sort of people one would hope it enrages, such as pleather-vested Trumpkin “Dr” Gorka.

He’s just upset because he’s one of those fascists who never noticed that e.g. Star Trek, Star Wars and Wonder Woman were always anti-fascist.

“I’m horrified, horrified that this thing that’s exactly how it was when I was a child, I’m now noticing comes into conflict with my current, awful politics!”

There’s like a dozen of them. Sometimes they’re all Robin at the same time, depending on what comics you read, I think.


I don’t think you cast Frank Gorshin, Vincent Price, and don’t forget Milton Berle as “Louis the Lilac” in your show about the gayest premise in all of comicdom without knowing exactly what you’re doing.

Those overtures weren’t inchoate, they were precision strikes timed perfectly to explode in the hypothalamuses of every queer kid watching for the next twenty years. Um, I’ve heard.


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Rather than add a new wrinkle or layer to an existing character, why don’t they create or introduce a new one who has whatever attribute desired as part of themselves?

I understand and appreciate the representation of all humanity, and I endorse it wholeheartedly. However, it does sometimes feel a bit manufactured when it is pasted onto an existing character with an existing background and bio.

Bi would be appropriate, he already experienced his first oncoming thrust of manhood with bagirl.


If you’ve ever trawlled Bi/pan subreddits, a very common story goes like this:

"I’m a 30/40/50 year old who’s spent my entire life believing I was straight. I’m mareied and have kids. The other day I was talking with someone and somehow it was mentioned in passing that someone of my sex was attractive.

"I’ve always thought everyone has same sex attraction and straight people have just chosen to be hetero. But my friend said straight people don’t get same sex attraction pretty much ever

“Thinking about it, everything makes a lot more sense if I’m bi.”

Happens over and over.

Due to comphet and bi erasure you see middle aged people with a “backstory and history” realizing this big thing about themselves

If anything, it makes it more accurate that robin is finding out he’s bi late in the game.


If you ask how Robin is doing, he will say, “he’s getting bi”


I had wanted to use the magnificent headline “Cock Robin”

Yet you missed the chance to write the headline as “Latest incarnation of Batman’s sidekick is Robin the Bi Wonder”

ETA: D’oh! I should read the whole comments thread first. @teknocholer beat me to it.


“Bi” is one thing. But he’s always been a “Wonder”:

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Latest incarnation of boy wonder Robin officially bisexual

“Latest incarnation?” God in heaven, you fake nerds, you could’ve gotten actual info on fucking Wikipedia. Why didn’t you just headline this “Biff! Bam! Pow! Comics for Grownups?!”


Tim has been read as gay or bi by a sizeable portion of readers for like 25 years- when I told my sister the news she said “Finally!”

They made a good character choice for this particular Robin.

It’s no weirder than Liberace’s pragmatism vis a vis Scott Thorson.

or what tabletop RPG podcast you listen to…

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