Latest incarnation of boy wonder Robin officially bisexual

Yeah but Liberace also planned to murder Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson so that he could marry Aunt Harriet and claim Wayne’s fortune, so probably not the kind of guy Batman would choose to emulate.



He’s not Red Robin without bottomless coleslaw.


LOL – now this’ll drive the right crazy… but, but – the toilets!! I’m a tea pot, I’m a tea pot!! Click your heals together and say there’s no place like 1984, there’s no place like 1984!

Wait, we can create new fictional characters and not just strip-mine our childhoods?

How does allowing a long-running comic book superhero to experience character development impact your childhood?


Via time machines, of course!


It obviously doesn’t, and that wasn’t my point. I like to see characters develop over time - that’s one of the great joys of Pratchett, for example - to see what begin as archetypal characters over time become fully fleshed-out humans.

No, my comment was a sarcastic lament at how much movies and TV are drawing so heavily drawing on already existing characters when there’s a whole universe in L-Space (to reference Pratchett again). I’ll have to remember to use /s more often.

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Or having a “I knew it!” moment.

It’s not like there’s anything unseemly in that hidden room

jeez Bruce


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